A Dark Reflection/Moritz Schmittat

March 3, 2015


Movie Score Media MMS 15004


Based on true events of the incident of the JASP “Flight 313” this thriller has a lot more to offer than just another coverup. The problem of “aerotoxic syndrome” has not gone away and while some steps have been taken this is a real flying threat. Tristan Loraine who produced, wrote, and directed the film has taken this film to a new level, fact not film is the name of the production company, and has set the film up as a coop situation consisting of unions and companies, over 100 of them. The positive reviews could bring this film to many regular theaters.

Moritz Schmittat, composer, has been working on films, shorts and commercials for many years. This is his 6th film but a first for MSM. He was educated at the Utrect School of Arts in Germany and did his post graduate work at the Royal College of Music in London. Using a combination of orchestra, synthesizers, electronic textures, guitars, percussion and samples he has created a unique sound that is easy to listen to and doesn’t have to resort loud blaring music that grinds on my ears. Instead he is able to create and underlying tension that permeates most of the tracks.

The first track “A Global Story” begins with a prayer by Algerian singer Khalad that quickly picks up tempo with a steady beat, a mixture of strings, guitars, and synthesizer with the prayer being in the background. It is quite a modern sound that grabs your attention and sets the table for the film. “Captain David Morris” takes a break from the tension and offers a funeral tempo featuring Macedonian singer Aleksandra Popovska with her wordless singing to this religious track. I’m including this as an audio clip to give you an idea of what some of this score is about. The strings provide harmony for the background. “A Dark Reflection,” the final track, is one of those reflective tracks that offers a theme from strings with harmony from lower strings and additional support from the piano who offers simple chords to  offer the somber mood. Many of the tracks are minor keyed where Moritz uses his strings for a sense of timing. I like the use of the clarinet in tracks such as “Stealing Data,” as well as the percussion to increase the tension even more with the semi frantic strings.

If your anything like this reviewer you’ll walk away from this soundtrack with mixed emotions ranging from sadness to tension. I love the arranging style that Moritz uses to achieve an effective score as the material is classical sounding with a mixture of modern techniques mixed in. The clarinet twitters though well in the background got my attention as an example. You won’t hear a lot of brass but you’ll walk away with a feeling of satisfaction. It is clear that his music training pays off for this score. Will look forward to hearing more from this composer.  When you’re downloading take the time to check out some of the other titles that MSM has to offer. They provide a voice to so many composers getting a start in the industry.


1 A Global Story 6:42
2 Investigative Journalism 2:03
3 Not Ruthless Enough 1:24
4 Unquestioning Loyalty 2:21
5 Captain David Morris 2:14
6 A Near Miss 1:10
7 The Mission Had To Come First 1:42
8 Helen Eastman Under Surveillance 1:50
9 Stealing Data 2:45
10 Video Message 2:14
11 GPS Tracker 1:59
12 Doubts 2:55
13 Airport Security 1:33
14 Sick Aircrew 3:29
15 Boarding 1:55
16 Taking the Sample 1:05
17 Laboratory 1:57
18 The Power of the Media 2:02
19 International Aviation Conference 1:16
20 CEO 1:51
21 A Dark Reflection 3:50

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