Perry Mason Season 1 Episode 1 1957

Produced by Gail Patrick Jackson, Directed by William D. Russell, Written by Erle Stanley Gardner (1954) novel, With Whitney Blake, Ralph Clanton, Gloria Henry, Vaughn Taylor. Music by library including Herrmann and Goldsmith.

Returning home from her waitressing job Evelyn Bagby (Whitney Blake) finds a gun, calls Mason, heads out for a hotel, gets pulled off the road by a driver wearing a white hood. She fights his attempts firing two shots at the car and later a man she was trying to recover money from Harry Merrill turns up dead charging Evelyn with 1st degree murder.

One of the weaker plots in the series. Harry Boles (Vaughn Taylor) just doesn’t make sense to me at all. I did like the two guns that Mervyn Aldrich (Ralph Clanton)bought and the switching around of them Very Perry Mason like. I think you will like the attitude that Mason has in the early days of the show.