93 Days

October 18, 2016


I want to thank all of the record distributors for tirelessly sending me CD’s and digital files. My health has been poor as of late so I haven’t had the strength to concentrate on them as I must. When I played this digital file my brain immediately perked up when I heard “Speech of Remembrance, a track that touched my soul as well as anything that Thomas Newman or John Williams wrote. Quiet with a slow buildup to a majestic crescendo. The piano is in harmony with the strings and the choir appears at the end. A good track for your playlist. “This is my City” gives us the first indication with African drums, choir, and prominent percussion. “The Beautiful Man” introduces a new theme  every bit as powerful as the opening theme but 90 seconds into the track we hear a change and a reference to the Jaws theme. Darkness and tension appear in “Liberian Threats” along with a quiet theme from the strings as the oboe harmonizes and tension builds. Onyi begins in the background softly with her voice complimenting the soft sad theme. “Happy Birthday” is not what the title indicates but a very somber tune with chords from the lower strings featured. “It Started”  combines the softness of the theme along with the ominous drums and what I like to call a variation of a chinatown theme with the lonely solo muted trumpet. “Evelyn” the final track portrays the sadness with Onyi singing proudly in the background for the final chords.

I encourage all of you to give this new work a try. I’ve included an audio clip for you to get an idea of the score. As the topic of the film is serious so is the score. You’ll hear  a score of the seriousness of the topic.