Hawk The Slayer/Robertson

January 6, 2013



There are some movies that are released and disappear before you can blink. Such was the case with HAWK THE SLAYER which was released for the very first time on CD (previously released on LP) by BSX. This reviewer had never heard of it and when he did I thought here is another sword/fantasy to write about. I was surprised! The well researched liner notes by Randall Larson, chief writer for BSX, explained this and more about the film. If you look at the credits closely you’ll see that the composer of the soundtrack Harry Robertson, wrote scores for Hammer in the seventies, was also the producer of the film

The film fared rather poorly at the box office in spite of Jack Palance starring in the role of the Voltan who would stop at nothing to obtain the magic sword. Made in England at Pinewood Studios the film also starred John Terry, Annette Crosbie, and Roy Kinnear.

“Hawk the Slayer,” which is also offered as a bonus track performed by Dominik Hauser, an up and coming composer who is becoming a favorite of mine, is a typical sounding eighties track and one might think it would be out of place but it really isn’t at all. It is a combination of synthesizer and orchestra with modern sounding references to Ennio Morricone and his distinct sound for the Eastwood Italian films. Add to this a modern sounding guitar and a steady nonstop percussion and you have it. The theme is offered on other tracks in different styles so if you like it, which I do, you’ll hear it often. The Hauser version opens with a positive brass fanfare of the theme with harmony from the flute. It is a track that could be played in a nightclub/disco setting and fit right in. I’ve included the Hauser track as an audio clip. hawk hauser version Keep in mind that these clips are fairly low quality so don’t think what you hear here is what the CD sounds like. “The Table of Five” introduces another melody with that modern sounding Western flavor again. “Elaine” is the romantic track. It is a lush melodic interlude that depicts the heroine. Part way through we hear the Hawk melody as the two themes are interwoven with harmony from a wordless female choir. A nice track! “Drogo-Son of Voltan” really takes you back to that spaghetti western sound using the Hawk theme.

The re-master is taken from a tape source so while it is clean without glitches it doesn’t have the crisp sound of a digital recording. I certainly wouldn’t classify it as an archival recording. It is a limited edition of 1000 units so it is to your advantage to act sooner than later. As I said earlier there are excellent liner notes from Randall Larson. If an old listener with golden ears gets something out of the release think what the younger generation will think. Recommended


BSX CD 8920

Track Listing:

1… Hawk the Slayer (4:07)

2… Voltan-The Dark One (2:29)

3… The Table of Five (3:25)

4… Eliane (5:30)

5… Battle of Voltan’s Camp (3:24)

6… Crow-The Elf (2:34)

7… Drogo-Son of Voltan (2:36)

8… The Mindsword (2:04)

9… The Final Combat (Death of Voltan) (3:06)

10 Death of a Hero (Death of Baldin) (1:21)

11 The Story Continues (6:16)

12 Theme from Hawk the Slayer (Hauser) (3:05)

Total Time is 40:21







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