If you’re not familiar with the work of Soren Hyldgaard as this reviewer wasn’t you’re in for a real treat. The inaugural release of Moviescore Spotlight Series is a compilation of his film music. The Danish born film composer overlooked by many American collectors including this reviewer is a refreshing uplifting change to some of the dissonant drone we hear from newer scores.


Jester Till (2003), a large budget German animated film about a magic potion bringing happiness to the world begins with a fanfare of Korngold style rollicking Robin Hood style music with a subtle hint to the Waxman “Bride of Frankenstein” theme. As the courtly music continues to comical bars it offers a section of romance with the oboe offering the melody with assistance from the piano and strings. It returns to a Robin Hood style and ends on this note.


Tommy and the Wildcat (1998), a film from Finland tells the story of a 12 year old boy, a wildlife reserve, and a lynx. Tremolo strings and mellow horns give us a captivating easy on the ears melody. The suite allows the theme to be fully developed and is a theme you’ll not forget for awhile.


Angel of the Night (1998) is lower budget Danish horror film about a gothic house and vampires who are encountered on a weekend visit. It begins in eerie fashion with strings creating the tension before a lush theme is introduced with harmony from a mandolin and wordless choir. This is not your typical Hollywood horror music but material with a deeper meaning. I like how Soren makes use of the bassoon.


Red (2008) is a story of revenge and redemption as teenagers kill a dog for no apparent reason. A guitar is a prelude to a fiddle setting the mood to a theme that is peaceful and tranquil, one you could enjoy while watching the sunset from your porch. There is nothing groundbreaking here, just some pleasant music to enjoy over and over.


See you: Close Again and See You (2008) is a Danish film dealing with the death of a 14 year old twin and his brief return. The theme is soft and piano driven with romantic strings and nice use of the harp for harmony.


The Spider (2000) a Danish television series dealing with a reporter and corruption in 1949 postwar Copenhagen offers a melancholy theme which oozes romance and an air of mystery is completely the opposite of an American television theme. The third theme in the suite features a “Mission Impossible” type theme although it is somewhat subdued.


Little Big Girl (2002) takes place in Denmark in 1850 and deals with a 9yr old orphan looking for her grandparents. Piano begins the suite a prelude to the sweet melody from the strings.


Storm (2009) Danish television theme is another heartfelt melody from Soren that shares the spotlight an interesting use of percussion and guitar as counterpoint.


Midsummer (2003) is a Danish horror film dealing with a suicide but has she returned? Low register tremolo chords and eerie piano set the mood for this darker offering from Soren.


The Fakir (2004) is a family story involving two children, their mother, and a magical diamond. A wordless choir provides support to the fantasy theme. Part of the suite is some great tango music!


Nuummioq (2009) comes from Greenland and tells the story of a man who meets the woman of his dream only to find out he has an incurable disease. Synthesizer and twangy guitar gives this suite a modern sound.


Isle of Darkness (1997) a Norwegian thriller is a minor keyed dark theme as the title indicates. The middle section is a variation on the “Dies Irae” theme with harmonic slashing strings, and selected use of a bell.


Nynne’s Diary Suite (2005) a Danish version of Bridget Jones offers jazz guitar in the style of Wes Montgomery followed by a nice alto sax solo in the Kenny G. style. This is a modern jazz/pop track.


Pyrus i Suite (2000) is another children’s film which offers a theme from the cello backed by a nicely orchestrated uplifting background.


The One and Only (1999) is a story of a kitchen remodel which turns into a romantic love story. The theme is a similar style to “Pink Panther” music after a prelude from a piano with strings offering romance. Nice combo work from piano, vibes, and muted brass.


Help, I’m a Fish (2000) a children animation film offers a waltz, somewhat typical comical underscore dominates the suite. Excellent brass work.


Something in the Air (2011) a holiday film features flute, and piano which dominates the track and is meant to pull heart strings which it does quite nicely.


Eye of the Eagle (1997) is a Danish film taking place in 1218 and yes it does involve an eagle, two children, and a fight for power. The suite includes some angelic music with choir, historical underscore, and some tense action.


Soren’s music is a throwback style which seems to have gone the way of typewriters, tubes, and 8 track tapes. There is nothing groundbreaking just some nice easy on the ears music that will offer comedy, action, romance, and horror. The first edition is limited to 500 copies and is available through SAE. Pick up a copy and enjoy. You won’t be disappointed.


Track listing:


Jester Till: Suite (04:37)


Tommy and the Wildcat: Theme (04:08)


Angel of the Night: Theme and Suite (07:50)


Red: Main Title (03:25)


See You: Close Again and See You (05:12)


The Spider: Theme (04:13)


Little Big Girl: Theme (05:05)


Storm: Theme (02:39)


Midsummer: Suite (03:14)


The Fakir: Suite (04:05)


Nynne’s Diary: Suite (04:12)


Pyrus: Suite (04:43)


Nuummioq: Suite (05:22)


Isle of Darkness: Suite (03:47)


The One and Only: Suite (03:56)


Help, I’m a Fish: Suite (04:07)


Something in the Air: Love Theme (03:10)


Eye of the Eagle: Suite (05:35)

Total Duration: 01:19:20