Jessabelle/Antone Sanko

March 1, 2015

jessabelle 001

LLLCD 1312 La La Land


Underwater Transformation

Released in November of 2014, “Jessabelle” is a horror movie starring the quite busy Sarah Snook who after a serious car accident returns to the bayou in Louisiana where she discovers through older VHS tapes made by her mother, who is into the occult and tarot card reading, a disturbed spirit who is after  her. The film costars David Andrew, Joelle Carter, and Mark Webber and is directed by Kevin Greutert of Saw fame. It only had a limited release to theaters and went straight to VOD.

Antone Sanko has been composing for the last 20 years doing films such as “Part Girl,” “Masters of Horror,” “The Last Winter,” and “Possessed.” The score was orchestrated and conducted by Joachim Horsley, additional music by the mixer Joe Thompson and electronic texturing by Peter Freeman. What you’ll hear on this CD is a variety of different sounds including some string work, solo piano bars, voodoo chanting, electronics, electronics mixed with small orchestra. There is no real main theme that stands out or is repeated. It wants to such as a few bars toward the end of the first track or something of a theme played by the percussion with strings in harmony. Sanko or the editor uses a select note or sound to perhaps draw your attention for a brief moment or adding a little depth to the sound. As I listen I hear a lot of chords that just seem to go nowhere. Having not seen the film it is impossible for me to comment on how it works in the film but I have an idea that it all works fine. I’m including the audio clip of underwater transformation to give you a feeling of what the score is like. There is no over the top shrieking or booming bass or timpaini. It all seems to fit nicely in a listenable dynamic range. I’m sure that fans of the film will like the score and want to have it in there growing horror collection of material.

Track listing

1. Weirdest Dream/Searching Through Drawers (04:04)
2. Apparition/Moses/What’s Mine (02:24)
3. Home Movies (03:20)
4. Jessie’s Dream (02:12)
5. Boat Ride (03:24)
6. Torches (02:45)
7. Second Reading (02:39)
8. Can’t Stay Here/Bed Time/Bad Dreams (03:43)
9. Hi Mom/Open The Gate (05:14)
10. Mrs. Davis/Moses Shrine/Sweet Moment (05:08)
11. Scary Movie (02:26)
12. Underwater Transformation (02:51)

Total Duration: 00:40:10