Sherlock/Arnold and Price

April 23, 2012

Has there ever been a character with the popularity of Sherlock Holmes in the last 100 years; I think not. I couldn’t begin to name the number of movies, books, television shows, board and video games, and radio programs devoted to the Doyle character. The #221B instantly conjures up something to do with Holmes and Watson. This latest offering from the British company Hartswood Films certainly presents the characters in a way we’ve never seen before. It is a young computer age genius “a new sleuth for the 21st Century” who uses incredible deductive powers to solve extremely complex crimes. You’ll get an idea of what it is about if you think of Batman and Harry Potter. An expensive microscope, I phone, and computers are standard tools.


As modern as the character has become the same can be said of the David Arnold and Michael Price score. This newly released Silva CD #SILCD1377 features music from the first season. The opening title is the main theme for the series and the 40 second theme sets the mood for the series. The drums, percussion, electronics and strings give it a very modern sound. “The Game Is On” is another theme that you’ll hear throughout the series offering a mandolin in a very memorable melody. The second part of the track is underscore. “War” is a combination of themes offering the game is on theme, soft piano chords introduce a third theme, dreamy and sad, which is used throughout the soundtrack. “Pink” is another track where we hear the game is on theme in a quiet fashion. The piano chords appear yet again in a dreamy like fashion with a distorted dissonant violin ending the track. One of the more unique tracks is “Number Systems” which begins with a Spanish style flavor followed by an electronic version of the main theme. Much of the material is pleasant enough to listen to offering a lot of fun especially if you’re into watching the series. At the time of this writing season two is also available (SILCD1383). Considering my golden ears this was a fun experience.



Track listing:


1.   Opening Titles (00:40)

2.   The Game Is On (03:40)

3.   War (03:19)

4.   Pink (03:47)

5.   Security Cameras (03:02)

6.   Pursuit (01:49)

7.   Which Bottle? (02:11)

8.   Targets (02:26)

9.   Library Books (03:19)

10. Number Systems (03:01)

11. Light-fingered (03:41)

12. Elegy (03:13)

13. Crates Of Books (03:03)

14. Sandbag (04:42)

15. On The Move (02:43)

16. Back To Work (03:50)

17. Woman On The Slab (02:51)

18. A Man Who Can (03:13)

19. Final Act (03:08)


Total Time is 57:38