Real Humans/Rikard Borggard

February 20, 2014


Mikael, owner of Movie Score Media, has just released the soundtrack to the highly successful Swedish television series Real Humans, a science fiction thriller that deals with hubots who are beginning to display human characteristics which the real humans need to deal with as they are slowly beginning to takeover. Composed by Rikard Borggard, his first CD release of soundtrack material is a real winner offering a unique style that fits perfectly to the subject matter. This release is a compilation of the first two seasons. When we communicated via email Borggard referred to himself as an autodidact which I had no clue as to what that was but upon looking it up it means self taught. I further learned that Borggard got his start in composing by forming the Teater Giljotin in Stockholm in 1989 and was given further opportunity with the Cullberg Ballet and Bern Stad Teater.

The material is very easy on the ears with an addictive beat in an electronic/piano style that has a real air of eeriness to it. No loud droning, clanking synthesizer sounds, or ear piercing shrieking strings. The “Main Theme” quickly makes reference to the death theme Dies Irae before it settles into a synthesizer mode with an infectious pulsating rhythm to it. A friend who was also listening with me at the time commented that this was the perfect kind of background music for him and was surprised when I told him where it came from. “The Family” introduces quiet piano melody with strings as a background in contrast to the opening title. Another piano driven track with excellent use of a wordless choir is “The Field” which has a background of strings and the mentioned chorus. “Hubsec” begins with a loud frantic sequence where action is the order of the day before it settles into two layers of strings in a slow funeral like fashion. “Real Humans” (Closing Theme) returns to the theme from the middle portion of the opening track which is the steady rhythm of a disco beat. Other tracks that grabbed my attention were “Leo and Carl” which begins with a woofer vibrating phrase before it segues into strong rhythm. “By the Lake” begins with a somber piano and then nothing but creepiness and a waiting feeling for something to happen.

This CD or MP3 file is one that should not be overlooked as it seems to have a purpose to it more than just background music to a successful television show. I’m including an audio clip of track no. 3 “The Family to give you an idea of the overall feeling of the score. I consider this to be an excellent first effort from Borggard and I’ll look forward to additional releases in the future. Recommended.

Track listing


Real Humans (Main Theme) (02:43)


Introducing Mimi (01:04)


The Family (01:44)


Leo and Carl (02:14)


By the Lake (02:14)


Evacuation (03:04)


Looking for Mimi (02:15)


The Parsonage (01:54)


Odi and Silas (02:40)


The Field (02:10)


Silas’ Childhood (01:38)


Programming (02:04)


Douglas and Florentine (02:36)


Hubsec (01:44)


The Virus (03:34)


Bea (03:50)


The Motel (02:20)


Hubbattleland (02:34)


Florentine’s Pain (03:04)


Real Humans (Closing Theme) (01:32)

Total Duration: 00:46:58