goldsmith piano vol 2 001

BSXCD 8952

The World Only Lovers See

As a sequel to without Dominik Hauser but with the addition of Dan Redfeld to the talents of Northam and Park, the trio individually performs 21 songs of a man who like Gershwin was never without creating a new melody, Jerry Goldsmith. In a 40 year span from 1960-1990 he was the dominant force of Hollywood soundtracks producing 71 scores in the 70’s alone. This compilation spans a 30 year period from 1963-1993 offering something from all of the different genres Goldsmith wrote for.

The three soloists chosen for this BSX project are as diversified as the subject material and multiple listens to this CD will reveal the style of each pianist. A good example of this is the main theme to “100 Rifles” which is treated in the style of an etude de concert.  Joolyun Park is delicate and forceful with an arrangement of some degree of difficulty. You wouldn’t know that this melody came from a western! The arrangement that Northam chose for the  theme Free As The Wind from Papillon again hardly sounds like it belongs in a film only lacks a tinkling of glasses in the background to make it complete. The love theme from “Coma” rather than approached with softer touches is approached by Redfeld with strong powerful strokes in parts. Free as the Wind from “Papillon” is arranged in such a fashion that you’ll scarcely recognize the theme from the complex arrangement created by Northam without overdubbing. A well done quite classical interpretation. “The Sand Pebbles,” one of my favorite love themes from Goldsmith is created in a simple rather laid back fashion again by Northam. Who wouldn’t like “Rudy” treated in grand fashion by Redfeld who uses chords to make his point that this is a must have for Goldsmith fans and people who just like nice easy to listen to music. Even the “Walton’s Theme” which I associated with a sappy corny television series seems to flow rather easily in my audio canals.

While I can’t classify this as a soundtrack recording I can say that this is one a soundtrack listener will enjoy. It is a different way to listen to some of the themes that Goldsmith created. If you’re with a non soundtrack listener you can be the star by being able to tell what movie these were written for as well as having nice background music. Who knows that the theme might not inspire someone to purchase the entire soundtrack. The sound quality produced a nice smooth listening experience for me through my Intersound speakers.

Track Listing:

1…. Rudy (3:16)

2…. Dennis the Menace (2:32)

3…. The Walton’s (2:27)

4…. Babe (1:47)

5…. 100 Rifles (2:11)

6…. Forever Young (3:09)

7…. Warning Shot (1:43)

8…. The Chairman (3:18)

9…. Morituri (3:39)

10.. The Prize (2:35)

11..  Coma (3:27)

12.. The Edge (2:57)

13.. The Other (3:36)

14.. Runaway (2:11)

15.. Explorers (2:02)

16.. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (2:40)

17.. Justine (2:38)

18.. The Sand Pebbles (2:38)

19.. Papillon (3:00)

20.. In Harm’s Way (2:37)

21.. The Russia House (2:37)

Total Time is 57:47