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Not too long after his release of the CD release Patrick took on the task of doing the music for “Breaking Away” or so he thought.  Bruce at Kritzerland over the years seems to come up with alternate scores and this is the case with this particular score where the temp music became the soundtrack, which was also arranged and orchestrated by Williams, but the music that Patrick wrote for the film is also included so you get to be the judge on which one you prefer. The score was nominated for an Oscar in the best adaption category losing to “All That Jazz.” Steve Tesich won the Oscar for his screenplay and the film was also nominated for best picture, director (Peter Yates) and supporting actress (Barbara Barrie). The film was very successful at the box office and to this day is still popular with a strong following. One of my favorite films of Peter Yates was “Bullitt,” a film completely the opposite of this one. It is a feel good story of four boys growing up and deciding what they want to do with their lives. One who is obsessed with an Italian racing team wants to compete in the “Little 500 Bicycle” race. Of course there is a female and two males vying for her attention.

Let us breakdown the score into two parts The first part is the material that was used in the film (arranged by Williams) which consists of Rossini, Mendelssohn, and von Flowtow with the exception of four cues “Back in the Race,” “Fixing it Up,” “The La-La Song,” and “Loosen it Up.” The second part are cues that Patrick Williams wrote but remain unused in the film numbering fourteen. The audio track I chose for you to listen to “Loosen It Up” could very easily have come from the “Come and Shine” album as the chorus sounds identical to the New York session (check out the shine track in the previous review I did of Patrick Williams). Many of the cues written by Patrick, such as”Full of Love,” “Truck Driver Race,” and “Goodbye Katherina” are classical in nature. Others such as “Souled on You” and “The La-La Song” relive the rock and roll era of the time. All of this shows the extreme versatility of Williams who seems to be comfortable in any genre which this soundtrack shows.

This is a limited edition of 1000 units, many times the case with Kritzerland releases so it is best to act sooner than later. The sound is good and the liner note duties are shared by Bruce and Julie Kirgo. Total time for the CD is 63:40.

Track listing

1. Figaro – Largo Al Factotum (1:00)
2. The Box Trick (original unused cue) * (:46)
3. The Paper Chase / Marta Marta (2:47)
4. Una Furtiva Lagrima (1:48)
5. Truck Race (4:59)
6. Like A Dream (:47)
7. Molte Grazia Katherina (original unused cue) * (:51)
8. After the Serenade ** (1:16)
9. Loosen it Up * (2:54)
10. Coming Back (original unused cue) * (1:41)
11. The La-La Song * (2:55)
12. The Swim (original unused cue) * (2:32)
13. I Have to Train (1:48)
14. Italian Race (2:51)
15. The Truth Hurts ** (1:48)
16. Heart to Heart (original unused cue) * (1:47)
17. Fixing it Up * (1:28)
18. The Race (original unused cue) * (1:18)
19. Back in the Race * (1:59)
20. End Credits (1:48)
Additional Unused Original Score Cues
21. Katherina / Full of Love * (3:00)
22. Truck Driver Race * (4:36)
23. Souled on You * (2:11)
24. Trying So Hard to Love You * (2:19)
25. Training * (1:02)
26. The Italian Race * (5:22)
27. Goodbye Katherina * (2:35)
28. End Credits (alternate) * (3:20) 

Music Adapted by Patrick Williams
Conducted by Lionel Newman
* composed by Patrick Williams
** contains music composed by Patrick Williams