If there is a single word that can be used to describe Andre Previn it would have to be versatility. Born in Germany and rumored to be distantly related to Gustav Mahler like Waxman, Steiner, and Korngold he emigrated to the U.S.A. in 1939 to escape Hitler and Nazi Germany. His great-uncle was Charles Previn who was musical director of Universal Studio for many years. One can easily see how working for Hollywood became a natural for him which he did for over 20 years winning four Oscars in the process. In addition he is a fine pianist classical, pop, easy listening, and jazz. In 1968 he walked away from Hollywood to become a world known conductor of major orchestras of the world. His discography of material approaches Mozart in terms of sheer numbers. Truly an icon in the world of music for the tremendous contribution he has made.


The score to the comedy starring Dean Martin and Shirley MacLaine is going to sound exactly what you think if you’re familiar with this era and style of Andre Previn. There is nothing special or groundbreaking just nice solid melodies and arrangements. The love theme is one you’ll remember upon repeated listens as it is played on several tracks sometimes in different orchestrations and styles. The “Main Title” is a fun fast paced brassy theme which sets the stage for the type of film you’re going to see. It ends with a dirge like theme from the bassoon which is carried over into the “Dead Colonel,” a prelude to a bluesy theme with sax and trombone exchanging solos. This is one of the two mono tracks in this release. “Earring” is a nice prelude which leads to a revisit of the main theme followed by a subtle reference to the love theme. “Katie’s Story” is a full version of the love theme which changes to comical underscore followed by a return to the main title. “Swanky Lunch” is a very romantic version of the love theme featuring first sax and then muted trombone. This is a very danceable and easy listening track. Elegance is the word to describe “Fur Salon” as a new theme in waltz tempo is introduced. “Funeral” is a brief chamber style track extremely classical in nature. “Martinique” is another new theme featuring a combo including piano, guitar, vibes, bass and percussion. Another easy listening track. “Martinique #2” is a different orchestration of the love theme using a clarinet instead of sax. “Cocktail Piano” is a piano bar version of the love theme.


If I could afford to have every Previn release in my collection I would and this one is no exception. This is a limited edition of 1000 units so it is better to act sooner than later. The remastering is up to the high standards of Kritzerland. As noted in the review tracks 2 and 21 are mono.


Kritzerland KR20022-3


Track listing


Paramount Seal / Main Title (2:20)


Dead Colonel (2:38)


Earring / Charge To Research / Katie / Union Kate (2:03)


Katie’s Story (5:31)


Swanky Lunch (3:20)


Fur Salon (3:09)


Funeral (1:17)


The Thinking Man / Poems And Letters (3:04)


Julius & Tony / Katie Entertains (1:37)


Mink (1:05)


Martinique #1 (2:27)


Tony’s Apartment (3:01)


Tony’s Tune (2:23)


Tony’s Dance (2:12)


Katie’s Kiss / Blackmail (4:20)


Katie’s Finale – new tag (0:54)



Paramount Seal/Main Title (Alternate version) (1:15)


Cocktail Piano (1:16)


Martinique #2 (2:25)


Stork Club (2:40)


Katie’s Finale (film version) (3:46)

Total Time is 52:38