Nabonga (1944)

May 29, 2011


 Buster Crabbe was truly the superstar of ‘B’ movies as he played Flash Gordon,Tarzan, Billy Carson, Buck Rogers, Billy the Kid and I’ve probably missed one or two. This time he stars as Ray Gorman in an African adventure of trying to recover jewels that his father was accused of taking. Co-starring a very young Julie London as Doreen who survived as the natives called it a house in the sky crash which included her father who did take the loot but didn’t live to spend it. She befriends a gorilla, a takeoff from Savage Girl, and he sees to it no harm comes to her. The gorilla at least was somewhat believable. Barton MacLane as Carl and Fifi D’Orsay as Marie are the villains who are also trying to recover the jewels and will stop at nothing although they are done in at the end by their greed. It is a hokey predictable plot directed by veteran Sam Newfield for PRC. The score is little more than filler by Willie Stahl a virtual unknown composer. The film is available for viewing on the internet archive   and available at a very reasonable price from Alpha Video (ALP 4132D) if you desire a DVD for your collection.


I failed to recognize Julie London at first showing how much the sultry singer had changed over the years. I can’t recommend this one other than to fans of Buster Crabbe or the curiosity of seeing Julie London. (*1/2)