The Case of the Singular Double┬ábegins with Lucy Stevens, played by Connie ‘Mr Ed’ Hines in the L.A. airport delivering a suitcase to a car against her will. The $60,000 that was suppose to be in the case was missing. Not wanting to deal with this job anymore she stages a fake suicide by driving her car into the ocean and goes to Mason claiming she is looking for her missing cousin. However, the car is found and there is a body in it and no one seems to know who it is. Lucy is arrested for the murder. The list of suspects includes John Ruskin (Arch Johnson), Whitney Locke (Alan Baxter), Catherine Locke (Andrea King), and Hugo Burnette (Wilton Graff). The case is tried by ADA Cutter (Harry Townes) as Hamilton Burger is missing from this episode. To the best of my knowledge this story didn’t come from a Gardner novel. I consider this episode to be well above average with good performances from Alan Baxter and Wilton Graff. The cast included Street, Drake, and Tragg and was first aired as episode #99 in October 1960.