The Case of the Lavendar Lipstick involves a new shade of lipstick by
the Caresse Cosmetic Company who is having problems with their new products being stolen and given to Gabe Rawson (Walter Coy) a rival in the beauty supply business. Max Pompey (Whit Bissel), general manager, is behind some of it setting up employee Karen Lewis (Pat Breslin). When the owner of the company Silas Vance (James Bell) turns up dead, Karen is arrested for the murder. Suspects include Rawson, Peter Nichols (John Lupton), Myra Heston (Rita Lynn) and Charles Knudsen (Dabbs Greer). A key part of the murder is a new shade of lavendar lipstick. Another part of the mystery concerns the past of Karen’s father and the relationship he had with Silas Vance. This is a good episode in the series. I was a little skeptical of the ending but I’ll go along with the theory Mason had on this one. This episode was #100 in Season 4 and was first aired in October 1960. To the best of my knowledge this wasn’t a novel that Gardner wrote. Bissel was very good as Max.