Just in time to scare the trick or treaters for Halloween is a new release from Buy Soundtrax (BSXCD8880) which includes many of the popular horror movies of the 80’s and 90’s. A word of caution!!! This is not original soundtrack material but synthesized arranged material from such artists as Chuck Cirono and Dominik Hauser. This is a great CD to play through your outdoor speakers as the kids come to the door or in the background if you’re having a Halloween party. When I heard the kids reciting a Halloween poem at the beginning of the Carpenter classic I thought this is a total waste and will be a one and done for me. I won’t waste my time even bothering to review it. However when I finished listening to the 70+ minute CD I changed my mind when I considered what else could be done with it other than sitting down and being serious about the recording. In fact it is available as a download through Amazon.com for $7.99 which qualifies you for a $4.00 video movie credit. In other words you get a free movie download and the music for $8.00. The hard copy of the CD is $15.00 plus shipping.


A chill always runs up my spine when I hear the classic Morricone The Thing. There is just something that brings out an eerie creepy feeling in me. This is one of the better things that Ennio has done in his long career as a composer. The Shining from Wendy Carlos is another favorite with the synthesized version of “Dies Irae,” another creepy arrangement of a well known horror standard. I also liked the new Twilight Zone from John Van Tongeran, an edgy composition. As well as  the 7+ minute Cirono composition from Transylvania Twist. There is some material such as “True Blood,” “The Return of the Living Dead,” and”The Ghost and Mr Chicken” that will never rock my boat. I’m just from the wrong generation and no matter how hard I try to get with it’ll never happen.


Looking at it from the point of view that you can play this at a party or for the kids for $8.00 with a free movie rental is an extremely attractive deal. While you won’t find any classic Universal or Hammer horror tracks you’ll get something the kids will get a kick out of.


Track Listing:

1….Halloween/Carpenter (2:35)

2….The Fog/Carpenter (3:17)

3….Christine/Carpenter (4:22)

4….The Thing/Morricone (3:02)

5….Graveyard Shift/Beal (1:24)

6….Creepshow/Harrison (3:32)

7….Dawn of the Dead/Chappell (3:31)

8….Poltergeist/Goldsmith (3:21)

9….A Nightmare on Elm Street/Bernstein (4:02)

10. Tales from the Crypt/Elfman (1:22)

11. The Nightmare before Christmas (1:49)

12. The Nightmare before Christmas (0:53)

13. Psycho II/Goldsmith (3:40)

14. The New Outer Limits (1:01)

15. True Blood/Everett (2:42)

16. True Blood love theme/Barr (3:49)

17. Fright Night/Fiedel (3:28)

18. Suite from Transylvania Twist (7:23)

19. Shock Treatment /O’Brien (2:58)

20. Return of the Living Dead/James & Swain (3:06)

21. The Addams Family/Mizzy (1:49)

22. The Munsters/Marshall (0:43)

23. The Ghost and Mr. Chicken/Mizzy (2:41)

24. Warlock/Goldsmith (3:21)

25. The Shining/Carlos (3:30)

Total Time is 73:21