BSXCD 9133

“Scenes of Summer” is a relatively short 10 minute work depicting three summer scene. The first a presto, is a festival with much activity going  on. The melody is offered by the strings with harmony offered by the brass. As the title indicates it is very lively and in a few words something to awaken you in the morning.  “Countryside” is an andante, very deliberate theme that slowly builds. It is repeated again and according to Lee, who wrote the entire work in less than two weeks as a filler for an album in 1973 is a ‘afternoon walk.’ The third movement “Dance”  is once again an Allegro tempo which again according to Lee ‘an evening in a town square.’Originally released on the Citadel label this is re-release of this materialmade available for those who are younger and never had the opportunity to purchase it in the 80’s. It is the same material and the sound of the recordings are similiar on my modest system I have since my move to my new apartment. The seven selections are but a partial portion of his output of classical material.

Written in 1974 as an one-act opera it is a biblical piece about Lazarus, who died but was raised from the dead after four days (John ch. 12). It was an inspiring piece to write about and maybe someday I’ll be able to see the opera performed.

In 1977 Holdridge wrote his second violin concerto and i’m happy to say that overall it is pretty good and will take it’s place in my collection proudly. I’m reminded of Rozsa’s style but it is only a reminder.

The Albinoni adagio is a famous one and is is somewhat like the Barber work “Adagio For Strings” but much shorter in length. It is a sad piece and could have been used in many films if Lee had chosen to do so.

The “Andante For Orchestra,” “Ballet for Strings and Harp,” and “Grand Waltz for Strings” round out the works and are pieces that are on the softer side and would be good ones to play when you’re thinking.

Overall, I like this album and all of you who enjoy Holdridge will want this album in your collection. From a classical point of view it is definitely written in the style of the 19th century romantic composer. It is filled with melody.