come and shine 001


 Come On and Shine


My collection of Patrick Williams material began in the late 60’s when I purchased the soundtrack “How Sweet It Is,”  “Shades of Today,” and “Think” both on the Verve label. I’ve collected and enjoyed his material, mostly LP, so  this release on CD was a pleasant surprise for me. It is part of a 25 CD release which also includes Count Basie and Lionel Hampton both of which I also have. I also look forward to exploring additional titles from George Shearing, Joe Pass, and Stephane Grapelli among others.

The first track, the unofficial main theme, “Come On And Shine” features the New York Section with a strong presence from the brass, some good keyboard work from Dave Grusin, who went on to compose some great material of his own, effective use of a vocal group in the background, and solo sax work from Lou Marini. The group has a good feel for the funky track and you hear it loud and clear. It made me want to crank up the amp and listen loud through my Interaudio speakers. The chorus said little other than shine but their whispers in parts were quite effective with the sax of Marini. I’m including it as an audio clip which will give you a good feel as to what this album about. As you listen to the arrangement you’ll hear the instruments enter one by one: guitar, snare drum, keyboards, trumpets, and vocal section. “One For My Three” follows in a similiar vein with the saxes of Niewood, Marini, and Cuber taking center stage with able backing from Grusin. “Lou Grant Theme” will bring back memories and is dominated by Jerome Richardson on Alto Sax. “And We Will Love Again,” a perfect love song offers Kahn on Guitar, Grusin on piano, and Toots Thielemans on Harmonica. This offering also has strings to give it a lushness and even more romance. “Sail On” spotlights the talent of Steve Kahn with able backing from Dave Grusin. The Bob Newhart Theme, “Home to Emily” is one of the more popular television themes with Sunny Burke of the Los Angeles section being featured on the Fender Rhodes. “Barrio” showcases the talents of Pete Christlieb on Tenor Sax reminding me of the sax work on “Taxi Driver,” a Bernard Herrmann soundtrack. A wonderful lush arrangement and melody from Patrick. The talent of the Latin percussion of Larry Bunker is an added bonus. “The Late Night Wizzard” again features the talent of Toots this time in a funky style that will sure to please your audio canals. The final selection “Blue Light” again returns to Los Angeles and some nifty sax work again from Pete Christlieb.

We’re so fortunate to have the talents of two Oscar winning/nomination talents of Dave Grusin and Patrick Williams. Be sure that you take the time to check this one out. I’ve enjoyed this recording for nearly 40 years and I’m sure you will too. The remastering is superb although I do kind of miss the surface noise of the LP. Come to think of it I might just dig it out again!

Track Listing:

1…. Come On and Shine (6:20)

2…. One For My Three (2:12)

3…. Lou Grant Theme (2:12)

4…. And We Will Love Again (5:10)

5…. Sail On (5:38)

6…. Home To Emily (5:52)

7…. Barrio (5:49)

8…. The Late Night Wizzard (6:10)

9…. Blue Light (2:58)

Tracks 1, 2, 4, 5, and 8 recorded in New York. Tracks 3, 6, 7, and 9 recorded in Los Angeles.