Clash By Night (1952)

June 21, 2020

cover they clash by night

I HEAR A RHAPSODY Jimmy Dorsey Bob Eberle (1941)

Starring Barbara Stanwyck, Paul Douglas, Robert Ryan, Marilyn Monroe, J Carrol Naish, and Keith Andes  Produced by Harriet Parsons. Directed by Fritz Lang. Music by Roy Webb.

I guess because it is Fritz Lang directing they consider this to be film noir. It is a drama/soap opera that is fairly well told with Marilyn Monroe getting billing (4th) playing a supporting role with Keith Andes. It is a story of Mae Doyle D’Amato (Barbara Stanwyck) who returns to Monterey fishing village in CA without notice to her brother Joe Doyle (Keith Andes) after 10 years back east, story very sketchy other than death and left penniless. Not skipping a beat she is involved with boat owner Jerry D’Amato (Paul Douglas) and marries him and has a child. End of part one. Part two finds Mae restless and after prodding takes up with Earl Pfeiffer (Robert Ryan), the complete opposite of the easy-going Jerry. Joe and Peggy(Marilyn Monroe) are now engaged and Uncle Vince (J. Carroll Naish) not liking Earl at all is spreading what Mae is doing behind Jerry’s back who finally figures out what is going on. A confrontation between Jerry and Earl results in Jerry choking and nearly killing Earl with Mae stopping them. She leaves with Earl but the baby prevents her from staying with Earl and Jerry leaves, Earl leaves, and the movie ends with Mae standing where she did with nothing again. As far as the acting goes it was good for the script they were given including Monroe and Andes being the weak link in the chain. The story was a play on Broadway that ran for 49 performances before folding. A young Robert Ryan played the role of Joe Doyle. The song became a hit in 1941, being sung in the movie by a young Tony Martin and going on to be a jazz standard performed by the likes of Cal Tjader and Bill Evans among many others. With a star-studded cast RKO made this picture as an ‘A’ one and ended up with a ‘B’ movie that has some merit to watch but it needs a lot of improvement. (**1/2)





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