Mummy’s Curse

August 30, 2017

mummy's curse

The fifth in the series and the last one if we don’t count the Abbott and Costello is actually a good one which goes against many viewers and film critics. I like the film even though many questions are left up in the air such as how did Kharis get to the bayou from Massachusetts? How did Ananka get there? The cast of Coe, Kosleck, Christine, and Katch all did a good job in their roles. The scary parts such Anaka (Christine) slowly coming out of the mud was down right creepy. The to be Folgers lady did well. The background music of Paul Sawtell combined his material with material written by Salter and Skinner was a  nice change if you listen carefully to the music like I do. There are new cues mixed in with the familiar cues you’re use to hearing including a new song “Hey, You” sung by one of the character actors ,Codee. Holmes Herbert also has a small role a fine character I know and has appeared in many films including three of the Sherlock Holmes films. This film was done on location in Bajou Louisiana. Easily watchable on you tube and other sites it’s a farewell ending except is their another sequel in the works?

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