August 7, 2017


  1. Claudia’s Theme
  2. Will Looks Off
  3. Davey Leading Horses
  4. Pony for the Lady
  5. Bucket of Water
  6. Claudia’s Theme 2
  7. Bill Clips Bob
  8. Headstone and Flowers
  9. Claudia’s Theme 3
  10. Give It To Him
  11. It’s Self Defense
  12. Claudia’s Theme 4
  13. Get Up
  14. Reload This
  15. Claudia’s Theme 5
  16. Shave and a Haircut
  17. Will Rides In
  18. Claudia’s Theme 6
  19. Villainous Friends
  20. He Oughta’ Get Shot
  21. Claudia’s Theme 7
  22. Ned’s Body/Shotgun Appears
  23. Burn His House Down
  24. Claudia’s Theme 8
First Ever Vinyl Release of UNFORGIVEN Limited Edition Prairie Sand Vinyl (1000 units)
Clint Eastwood won many awards (4 Oscars) for his film and it is one that I have in my film collection, having watched it a number of times. To be honest I paid no attention to the source music until I was given a digital copy of he material which came directly from the limited ediion lp as there was a very slight noise in the background but no distracting in any way. You’ll get your own noise once you start playing if you choose to do so. The price is a modest $24.99. In the 24 tracks there are eight different versions of Claudia’s theme (written by Clint Eastwood)  the last being the best of them but the underscore material is very strong and I’m really surprised that the music wasn’t nominated at all.
 Tracks that I enjoyed listening to over and over again were “Headstones and Flowers,”
a short piece featuring the hamonica. There is a little bit of old time piano in “Shave and a Haircut.” “Ned’s Body” gives us a bit of almost dreamlike material but we know what is going to happen on the screen. “Burn His House Down” is another background track that I like as it has a hint of Claudias theme going on. This is also true of other tracks.
The purpose of this review is to make it known that the vinyl release is going to be on Friday so if you want one I’d stay up late on Thursday night and order it at 12:01 on Friday as I’m sure they will go fast.

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