El Pueblo del Sol

August 6, 2017




Written in 1981 for a Mexican documentary (20 minutes) this short which I’ve never seen is a travel documentary about many places in our neighbor to the south. The eleven tracks total forty minutes so we can assume Lee wrote plenty of extra material so much of his score ending up on the cutting floor. This material is a re-release of the Bay Cities BCD 1031 CD complete with noaddition of any material.

The first track, “Fiesta Del Sol,” was a bit of a surprise to me as I expected something hispanic perhaps in the vein of Copland’s El Mexico Salon  but this had more of a majestic sound like a Goldsmith melody. The cue begins with a fanfare from the horns with the trombones offering support. The strings takeover with a sweet sound but the melody is given back to the horns for another round. There is a secondary melody with harp in the background but the material segues back to the main melody as the track ends. This is good stuff!

“Latir de Progresso,” is the main theme again with a twist. It is not until we get into the “Paisajes” do we hear a few bars of hispanic style in the nature section of the material. His treatment of the industry part is recognizable with a bit of pounding but still pretty quiet. “Mosaico Turistico” has a hint of where we are but it isn’t until “Suenos” do we know that this is hispanic culture with the sweet strings almost overpowering it. “Origines” and “Estampas Historicas” take you on musical journies of the past with a cavalry charge, a lovely waltz and other musical motifs. “La Gran Tenochitian” is more of what I expected to hear in the score as the trumpets are announcing their arrival.”Cuadro Final” is divided into four parts and right away we hear the main theme with interesting harmony to depict the mysterious skies, lower tones and grumbling from the oboe. There is a nostalgic serenade, a upbeat one, and a return to the main melody, the dominant theme of the score. When you listen to this forty minute score you won’t hear what you might be expecting but more of a typical Hollywood score of the eighties. As I said before not having seen the film it is hard to comment on some of it. I can only really talk about what I heard and the orty minutes wen by quickly and I heard a variety of different kinds of sound.



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