Motion Picture and Television Work of Lee Holdridge

August 2, 2017



When I think of Lee Holdridge my thoughts go back to the days of Korngold, Steiner and others who wrote real tunes that one could hum when you left the theater.  Some of the soundtracks today are so bad that I have ear plugs for the theater to watch the film. All seven of the films/documentaries that were selected have themes and if you listen carefully you’ll remember them, they’re really nice, well developed with proper harmony and simple but effective orchestrations.

“Beastmaster” has a title theme that is not like the title at all but a theme that seems to sound more like a science fition film. The second theme is soft and dainty, probably a love theme. Lee makes reference to the main title. The third theme is a heroic version of the main theme with underscore material. The suite ends as it begins with the majestic horns of the main title once again. “Wizards and Warriors” is just Overture and it has a similiar sound to” The Beastmaster.” It begins with an introduction followed by a main theme and then a soft passage which is underscore without any strong theme. It returns to the main theme which is played by the brass (trumpets and trombones).

By far the best of the material on this CD is the wonderful theme he created for the mini series “East of Eden.” In between the main theme it is filled with good underscore, something you can listen to over and over again. The seventeen minute suite is a good one and I’ll return to it often.

“The Hemingway Play” and “Great Whales” are two more themes of note with the whales theme being the stronger of the two. A proud and majestic one hat one canlisten to over and over again.

This CD is a radical departure from what you’re use to listening to in the modern day themeless material which is only written to stir up your emotions. If you don’t have this one (previously released on Citadel and Varese pick up a copy.


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