The Case of the Restless Redhead

May 3, 2017

Screenplay from 1954 novel. This is the first episode in the series. Aired on 9/21/1957.


Raymond Burr (Perry Mason)

Barbara Hale (Della Street)

William Hopper (Paul Drake)

Ray Collins (Lt. Tragg)

Willliam Talman (Hamilton Burger)

Whitney Blake (Evelyn Bagby)

Ralph Clanton (Mervyn Aldritch)

Gloria Henry ( Helene Chaney)

Vaughn Taylor (Mr. Boles)

Jane Buchanan (Mrs. Boles)

Dick Rich (Sgt. Holcomb)

Grandon Rhodes (Judge Kippon)

Jack Gargan (Court Clerk)


Evelyn Bagby is forced off the road by a hooded man. Having found a gun in her apartment she fired wo shots at the assailant to scare him off. The hooded man is found dead and she is accused of killing him. Two guns, a movie studio, a sleazy motel in Riverside, and a burglary all figure into the plot. The guns are the best part of the plot with mushroomed slugs and trying to figure out which gun was which.


Whitney Blake was mother of Meredith Baxter Birney and co-star of TV show “Hazel.” Vaughn Taylor appeared in 8 different Perry Mason series from 1957-1964. There are music cues from Bernard Herrmann taken from the CBS library. The court clerk also doubles as stenographer as well as oath swearing in.

Rating is 6 out of 10. Watchable and I like the gun sequence but there are better.


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