Yellow Flowers on the Green Grass

December 25, 2016


I first became familiar with Christopher Wong in 2007 with his score to the film Journey from the Fall, which featured a hauntingly beautiful melody. It is still available as a download directly from the Movie Score Media website as well as his score from The Rebel.

The first track “The Green Grass,” was a bit of a surprise for me as it started off with an acoustic guitar, all harmony before the violin offered the attractive melody along with a continuing of the melody. This melody will appear throughout the score and it will surprise you as it occurs briefly in “Past The Forbidden Trees” and more prominent in “Fishing, Administration and Envy” “The Fable” introduces a new  theme which is offered on the bassoon. This theme continues more prominently on “Grumpy Teacher” and reminds me of the grandfather theme from Peter and the Wolf. The final selection “Thang Cuoi” are the lyrics to the main theme sung in Vietnamese by a charming voice which puts icing on this soundtrack.

If you’re looking for a soundtrack that is laid back and filled with melodies this is one for you. Wong has written a score that has nothing brash or distorted about it. There is no brass only woodwinds, strings and appropriate oriental instruments. There is very little if any pentatone style.

Wong is a composer to be explored if you’ve not yet had the opportunity. Recommended.  


1 The Green Grass 2:13
2 Guilty Rain 1:22
3 Past The Forbidden Tree 2:30
4 The Fable 2:30
5 Grumpy Teacher 2:12
6 Dear Brother 2:12
7 Fishing, Administration and Envy 3:53
8 Flooded 2:19
9 Running Away 1:55
10 Moon Moves 2:21
11 The Days Ahead 3:16
12 The Princess and the Prince 1:53
13 Walking Again 1:15
14 Remembering Dad 1:44
15 The Matter of Loving You 2:53
16 Thang Cuoi 5:09


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