Laurel & Hardy: Original Piano Music of Leroy Shields

December 4, 2016


AEVEA ae16024

When I received this CD from Aevea and put it in my Marantz 4004 I was surprised at the sound I heard as this 66 minute recording unfolded. The sound was bright and clear and while the arrangements were complex in areas they didn’t come off like a piano concerto or showmen type material .Even in  the complex sections you could clearly hear the the melody and the harmony. I think it reminds you of a silent movie piano playing and some of Laurel and Hardy short films were silent so it fits in very nicely with the style. I also think that if you’re not familiar with Laurel and Hardy at all (I doubt you would buy this) the majority of the music plays out like cartoon music which back the silly antics of the pair.

This is a nice edition to the collector of Laurel and Hardy material as well as the occasional watcher. You’ll hear a tune and then try to guess what movie it was from. I don’t think Hal Roach had any idea the following they have along with books, music, toys and other novelties. I don’t know if every short or film is represented but the vast majority of them are.


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