Cutthroat Island

August 17, 2016

cutthroat island 001


One of the best surprises I received was another  package consisting of many CD’s from La-La-La Land Records which included one of my favorite scores “Cutthroat Island” by composer John Debney who orchestrated a masterful soundtrack combining Wagner, Strauss, Korngold and John Williams. The two CD set (LLLCD 1387) is nearly 2 1/2 hours of suspense, romance, swashbuckling entertainment that is not to be missed. I hope that all of the wonderful Jeff Bond liner notes will someday be in the form of a book. Everything about the bomb of a film except of course for the score is detailed in the extensive notes he has provided to the listeners.


One Response to “Cutthroat Island”

  1. romanmartel Says:

    I picked this one up too, and it was stupendous. I had heard the original album presentation years ago and enjoyed it. But man this full presentation is a blast. Well worth it, and reminded me of how great Debney can really be. Combined with his excellent work on “The Jungle Book” recently, I hope the guy gets more high profile adventure films to score.

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