Wishin’ and Hopin’ (2014)/ Matthew Llewellyn

February 2, 2015

Wishin’ and Hopin’ (Matthew Llewellyn)

MMS 14042


Behind on my schedule, this review should have come out for Xmas 2014 (you won’t hear traditional Xmas music) but it is better late than never as the music does fit the broad template of the comedy style of music with some very lovely romantic moments thrown into the mix. Rather new to the scene Matthew Llewellyn offers his third score since 2012, the first two being of the horror/suspense category “Deep in the Darkness,” released earlier this year and “Dead Souls” from 2012.

The Wally Lamb best selling book comes to life on the silver screen in this story of a small Connecticut town just prior to Xmas in the 60’s. The story revolves around 10 yr. old Felix Funicello, cousin of Annette. Throw into the mix a substitute teacher and a new student, a fiesty Russian who teaches Felix the art of French kissing and you have the makings for a hilarious story. The picture stars Molly Ringwald (teacher), Chevy Chase (narrator), Conchata Ferrell (Sister Agrippina), Meatloaf (Monsignor) and Annabella Sciorra (Ma). The story is a celebration of where we’ve been and how far we’ve come.

“Introducing the Class,” the opening track or main title, introduces the theme on the clarinet. It is an uplifting theme putting a smile on your face and giving you the impression that there is going to be more to come. While this is the main theme that will be repeated often we hear a second theme from the flute which the strings take over the melody on with harmony coming from the flute. A nice beginning. “The Nefarious Penguin” is another delightful track as the flute offers a motif followed by another motif from the woodwinds. The track ends with a few bars of the main theme using the strings in the upper register. “Madame Frechette” begins with a restatement of the main theme followed by the second theme again from the flute. “Top Secret Big Award” offers a subtle reference to Jaws as well as the main theme and the third theme which we briefly heard in the opening track. I very much like “Lilly of the Valley” as it offers a classical arrangement which uses the full orchestra and includes the main theme. “Heads Will Roll” is a cue that could have come about as a variation from the film “Deep in the Darkness.” It too has a very brief subtle reference to Jaws also. “The final track “Annette and Felix” offers a nice romantic version of the main theme with both the clarinet and flute giving solos. It’s a nice way to end the soundtrack. I’ve included “A Wonderful Disaster” as an example of what this wonderful score sounds like.

Don’t be surprised if you see Matthew’s  name as composer of an ‘A’ list movie this year. He is a bright young talent who certainly got my attention. I for one hope that “Wishin and Hopin” will get a CD release. Uncompressed is so much better than compressed. Off my soap box and on to the next review.



1 Introducing the Class 1:42
2 The Nefarious Penguin 1:50
3 Madame Frechette 1:41
4 The Mortal Sin 1:51
5 The New Student 0:54
6 Top Secret Big Award 1:11
7 Lincoln Log Life 1:19
8 Heads Will Roll 1:04
9 The Russian Menace 2:19
10 Tableau Vivant 2:11
11 Openly Defiant 1:20
12 My Current Event 2:09
13 Revealing the Cast 1:19
14 She Like Likes You 2:17
15 The Silent Treatment 2:37
16 A Little Woozy 1:14
17 Backstage Blunder 1:14
18 Lily of the Valley 1:32
19 A Wonderful Disaster 1:34
20 Annette and Felix 1:47





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