Miracle on 34th St. (1994)/Broughton

December 24, 2014

miracle on 34th st 001

LLLCD 1325

miracle on 34th st main title


In time for the 2014 Holidays is a new re-release of “Miracle on 34th St,” both versions along with “Come to the Stable” making this the most complete of all of the releases to date. While none of this is new to CD it was all put together by the La-La Land team in a 2 CD set.

This review is going to concentrate on the Broughton recording which is one of my favorite Xmas albums. Since Nutcracker is also one of my favorites it really goes along very nicely with it as many of the cues are variations and good ones. My real job is working in retail and I can tell you I’m sick of hearing the canned Xmas music over and over hour after hour. To be able to come home and listen to “Miracle on 34th St.” is sheer bliss. This is Xmas music without really being Xmas music. While the movie is very good and I’ve seen it a couple of times I do prefer the original 1947 film but the music is no match to the Broughton soundtrack. The booklet is filled with wonderful pictures of both films and I’d bet that Kirgo had a great time in being able to write the liner notes because it showed in her enthusiasm.

The “Main Title” is a lively festive theme which is blended with ‘Joy to the World’ is one that you’ll hear throughout the 60+ minute school. It will immediately put you into the holiday spirit. “North Pole Moon” introduces a new theme that is somewhat plodding but still pleasant to listen to. “The Secret” introduces yet another theme that we can call Susan’s theme which is a wishful one. “Susan at the Window” has more than a hint of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Arabian Dances’ my favorite from the Nutcracker. “Merry Mayfield” is a return to the days of Bach with a fugue using strings instead of a Harpsichord. “Charmin Armin” is a tribute to Mozart while “Love Theme” is a mini tribute to Kenny G. whose Holiday Album has graced millions of home and the theme is one that could bring a tear to your eye. “Completely Out of His Mind” recognizes ‘Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy’ and the list just seems to go on and on. Another original of note is “The Bellevue Carol” which is complete with a wordless boys choir is an Ā arrangement that is similar to the style that Mandel used in his version of ‘Silent Night’ for the Newman film “The Verdict.” It is quite a moving song and one that will be hard for you to forget. I could go on and on about this score but couldn’t do it the justice it deserves so I encourage you to go out and get this 2000 limited edition 2 CD set. Consider the other a bonus as it features all of the Xmas songs you’re use to hearing.

I give this score my highest recommendation.


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