Best of Tchaikovsky ($.99 cent special)

December 8, 2014

best of tchaikovsky 001

Victrola RCA 60016-2-RV

Serenade for Strings Waltz


Now more than ever before seems to be a good time to pick up bargains galore of used CD’s in thrift stores, pawnshops, and places that specialize in used audio material. Let’s face the facts and realize that this media form is going to go away and sooner than we might think. In my travels I found many CD’s for under a dollar and while I have many of Tchaikovsky’s works in my collection like a true collector this one caught my eye and I couldn’t resist. I’ve picked up several others and these will also be featured with their own review in the coming months.

RCA/Victrola was introduced in the early 1960’s as a way of reissuing material from their RCA/Red Seal catalog at a much lower price. Part of the releases were a series of 10 “BEST OF” and the Tchaikovsky CD was one of them.


The overall selection process seems to be awry from what I would have chosen as “BEST OF” from this talented composer. Missing are “Romeo and Juliet,” “Overture of 1812,” “Marche Slave,” “Violin Concerto,” “Nutcracker Suite” and “Swan Lake” among others. Instead the featured work is “Serenade for Strings” with three selections ( the waltz is featured in an audio clip) followed by two selections from his “Symphony No. 6.” I realize that some of my other favorites shouldn’t be included in releases such as the one that is being reviewed but I would have chosen differently and it would have been a lot more varied and interesting for the listener.

The overall quality of the recording is fine as the selections are divided between three orchestras and two soloists and the actual mastering is up to the usual RCA/Erato standards. If you’re fortunate enough to find this one for a dollar like I did and you’re interested in classical music I certainly wouldn’t hesitate getting this.

Look for more of my bargains in the future.

Track Listing:

1.  Serenade For Strings Waltz (3:54)

2. Symphony No. 6 First Movement  (18:09)

3. Piano Concerto No. 1 Third Movement (7:14)

4. Serenade For Strings Elegy (9:03) 

5. Serenade Melancolique (8:54)

6. Symphony No. 6 Second Movement (7:50)

7. Valse-Scherzo (5:30)

8. Serenade for Strings Tema russo (7:24)

Total Time is 68:30


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