Falling In Love/Dave Grusin

December 4, 2014

falling in love 001


When you take two box office draws like DeNiro and Streep and put them in a formula template that has worked in the past the producers expected a big Hollywood hit that just didn’t happen for Falling In Love. The acting was fine, plot good with the right amount of comedy and serious times, the New York background was superb and it had good direction. I felt it lagged in a couple of spots but this is a film I’ll return to and watch again as well as recommend to friends. During the film I was rooting for the main characters Mike and Maggie to get together at the end of the film which you’ll have to watch for yourself and see. I approved of the fact that there was no swearing, smoking, or nudity. As Bruce Kimmel producer of the release commented ” they felt the film was beneath its stars- they begrudgingly and halftheartedly says it’s good, damning it with faint praise.”

The Dave Grusin score, which is what we’re really interested in turned out to be a mixed bag when one compares the music from the film and the CD release. In this case I much prefer the CD to the movie especially in regards to the “Mountain Dance” substitution in the opening credits. Both are written by Grusin but the actual music he wrote for the film is far superior in my opinion. I can see why they could have chosen “Mountain Dance” but in reality it was the feature song for a specific album. I’m including a You Tube video clip to give you an idea followed by the “Main Title” music on the CD.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=takOVYOOucA. I also have to say that this is not a very good picture of Dave but fortunately the talent of Grusin shined through.

mountain dance grusin

The “Main Title” which nicely depicts the hustle and bustle of the New York background is one that you’ll hear on several of the tracks. It is a catchy tune that you’ll remember and perhaps want to include in a compilation of Grusin film score music. “Trying to Recall” gives just a hint of what I’ll call the Mike and Maggie theme coupled with the “Main Title” music. It is featured in the track “Seat Taken” and then will appear several times more on the CD. In my opinion it is one of the better written tunes from Grusin. Other tracks of interest include “First Encounter” which introduces a third melody. I like what he did in “The Funeral” as it begins with what you’d expect to hear a fugue but seamlessly becomes the Mike and Maggie theme before ending with the sadness of a funeral.  The entire soundtrack features the wonderful keyboards of Grusin who has a delicate but forceful style when called for. He selectively uses shimmering strings and harmonizes well with the percussion. The entire 48 minutes passes quickly.

As is usually the case with Kritzerland releases they are limited to 1000 copies and will sell out. Take advantage of this one soon.


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