Don Davis Warriors of Virtue CD Giveaway

July 15, 2014



Don Davis got his start at the age of 22 in Hollywood with composer Joe Harnell. What was the name of the work that impressed Joe. Send email with your answer to All correct answers will be selected by the use of a random generator. The contest will run through 8/12/14. One entry please. While at the site please read about the latest BSX release “Warriors of Virtue.”

5 Responses to “Don Davis Warriors of Virtue CD Giveaway”

  1. 1.gray rain
    2.Steve Jobs
    3. bigger archetypes of life and death. Birth, Death, Re-Birth, a trilogy. “Gray Rain” is the first in this trilogy, and in tackling the notion of Birth, concludes that Birth and Death are essentially the same entity.

  2. At first I was really happy to see a contest with a serious hard to answer question. But that whole idea gets thrown away because everyone can just read the other comments and essentially copy the answer.
    I didn’t know the answer so I’m not gonna do that, but most people will just use common sense and go do that.
    So good luck to everyone who actually did know the answer ,I hope one of you will win. 🙂

  3. Mitchell Bennett Says:

    1. Gray Rain (or as we would say here in Australia, Grey Rain, haha)
    2. Apple founder Steve Jobs (cause… reasons?)
    3. Bigger archetypes of life and death (you’ll see those themes pop up rather frequently if you pay attention to Wintory’s material)

  4. Martijn Says:

    Yeah, I would have to subscribe to Finn’s comment: I came here after doing a bit of research, but now it would feel like I just copy Mitchell’s and Demetris’ comments.

    I *did* manage fo indeed find the same answers (although I’d have added Bartok to the answer on question 3 😉 ), but it feels a little redundant now with the answers already being plainly visible, so I’ll opt out.

    Good luck to everyone else, though!

  5. Martijn Says:

    I enjoyed your challenge, Tom.
    It wasn’t straightforward at all and required correlation of several sources to come to the right answer.

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