In My Dreams/Ross

July 4, 2014


In My Dreams Theme


I’ve been following William Ross for quite a few years dating back to his score for the movie My Dog Skip (2000), a heartfelt film which always brings a tear to my eye. Ross has seemed to have found his niche in doing love stories, feel good themes, and special animals among others. He has over 100 credits as a composer and orchestrator to his credit, is the winner of three daytime Emmy’s and has been nominated for many other awards. In a word he is talented.

The plot of the film involves throwing coins into a fountain and fate has them touching which according to legend has special meaning. There are obstacles to overcome and a lot of decisions are made in that short week which again according to legend is the time frame for the dreams to come true. A Hallmark production it aired on television in April of 2014.

“In My Dreams” Theme begins with a strong statement from the guitar before the piano takes the lead and introduces the melody as the guitar becomes the harmony along with the second hand on the piano. An oboe and a clarinet along with strings offer the melody before the track ends. This is my favorite track on the soundtrack and if you do nothing else download this track from the monument website  and let it become a part of one of your playlists or CD compilations. The audio clip that I’m including is a poor audio quality example but is a carrot to let you explore the general sound and style of the material.

“First Dream” is the first of the tracks that has what I like to refer to as the Thomas Newman sound from the piano. Subtle, but dreamy like chords that make one stop, listen, and reflect. You’re not going to hear anything loud on this soundtrack. Some will call it background or elevator type music but I choose to listen more carefully and listen to the well thought out chords and quiet peaceful orchestrations.

“This Is Real,” the final track slowly builds itself up to a climax with the guitar offering a melody and the strings playing a sense of urgency. There is a pause and a restatement of the Thomas Newman chords and then a playing of the main theme again first from the oboe and clarinet and finally the guitar, piano, and strings.

This is a nice score to listen to if you want to lay back, relax, and offer little effort. I know that I’ll return to the main theme and the “This is Real” tracks as part of my playlists. This is only available as a download at this time. Perhaps in the future a CD will be issued.


  1. “In My Dreams” Theme (3:17)

2.         First Dream (2:51)

3.         A Mother To Remember (0:37)

4.         Second Dream (4:07)

5.         Third Dream (5:12)

6.         Dreaming Alone (2:30)

7.         Broccolis (0:48)

8.         The Legend (2:52)

9.         From The Heart (0:45)

  1. Sleepless Nights (1:26)
  2. This Is Real (5:57)

Total Time is 30:22

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