The Pit and the Pendulum (1991)/Band

July 2, 2014




In many cases remakes of films aren’t as good as the original or the story it was taken from and this is definitely the case with Pit and Pendulum (1991), a Full Moon Entertainment production starring Lance Henriksen and directed by Stuart Gordon, best known for his film Re-Animator (1985). To get you started I’m providing a link to the original Edgar Allen Poe story that in a single word excellent. The film at best is a stretch in calling it based on an Edgar Allen Poe story. When they reintroduced it in 2000 they renamed it The Inquisitor, a title which I think is far more appropriate. One reviewer called it a timeless Gordon classic which put a smile on my face. The main appeal to this film is blood, gore and nudity/sex. If you’re into that kind of film it will definitely appeal to you.


The music from Richard Band is another story. For those not aware Full Moon Entertainment is a family affair of the Band family and while Richard was chosen to do the music for obvious reasons they couldn’t have selected a better composer. In my opinion his music was far better than the film and the bright spot along with the liner notes divided into three different sections; the director, making of the film, and the making of the music all put together by Gergely Hubai. There are notes from both the director and the composer Richard Band. While watching the film I didn’t get the feeling that I hearing an electronic score but actually one from recorded by an orchestra. Listening away from the film I could definitely hear the difference but the bottom line is that it was very well done.



The opening cue “The Crypt” is a perfect setup for the rest of the CD as it offers an eerie feeling along with a choir singing/chanting in Latin, something that you’ll hear through the CD. The wind chime or whatever was used in addition to the mix. “Main Title” gives you a full four minutes of the choir a little complex in that it offers two vocal lines a melody and a harmony.  The first part of “The Chase” seems out of place as we hear a brief street festival statement followed by what else a chase sequence which seems quite modern sounding. My favorite track on this CD is the final one “Finale and End Titles” which begins with a redemption sequence and ends with a re-statement of the beginning singing that you hear in “Main Titles.” Other tracks that might be of interest are the flute driven “The Meadow,” another break from the creepy music. The extended track “Pit and the Pendulum” makes excellent use of the brass as it guides you along the path. The end of the track offers an instrumental version of the main title.


This is an expanded version of the soundtrack as it offers sixty four minutes while the original Full Moon release had forty eight minutes. It is a limited edition but I couldn’t find the pressed number of CD’s. While I’m sure that this will interest the horror collector it also offers a takeoff on Orff’s Carmina Burana likely the temp track they used for the film.



Track listing

1. The Crypt (01:01)
2. The Whipping (01:01)
3. Main Title (04:02)
4. Maria & Antonio (00:17)
5. The Chase (02:20)
6. Auto Da Fe (02:35)
7. Torquemada Meets Maria (01:17)
8. Antonio’s Disbelief (00:21)
9. Maria Is Searched (01:10)
10. Torquemada’s Flogging (01:05)
11. Under The Cart (00:59)
12. Antonio Searches Dungeon (01:40)
13. The Meadow (01:33)
14. Torquemada Takes Maria (01:16)
15. Maria Is Shown Chamber (01:28)
16. Antonio Breaks Loose (04:03)
17. The Pope’s Envoy (02:15)
18. The Rape Of Maria (06:00)
19. Torquemada Cuts Out Maria’s Tongue (02:23)
20. Esmeralda Comforts Maria (01:41)
21. Maria Is Buried In The Crypt (00:41)
22. Esmeralda’s Auto Da Fe (00:34)
23. Esmeralda’s Curse (03:04)
24. Mendoza Sees Torquemada By Maria’s Crypt (01:17)
25. The Pit And The Pendulum (08:45)
26. Maria Rises From The Crypt (05:21)
27. Finale & End Title (05:54)

Total Duration: 01:04:03


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