Cool Air/Invasion/Riparetti

June 25, 2014




Sound clips are available at the website

As a reviewer many different kinds of CD material pass by my desk and it is impossible for me to review all of them thus the selection process. I’m involved with big band, marching band, classical, golden age as well as modern soundtrack material. It was the beginning of this score that got my attention.


Riparetti has 48 film credits and there are two more on the horizon. The multi talented composer has been involved in the music world since the 60’s and brings an interesting approach to the films he works with. He has recently opened a record studio where he offers other services to the industry.


As I listened to the “Intro” track to the film Cool Air (2006) the urge to get out my short stories of H.P. Lovecraft and have a read of one of the best story writers of horror material. The beginning is filled with storms, creaking doors, bats, and a perfect sound bite to play on trick or treat night! This film, made for video, was directed by Albert Pyun who has worked with Riparetti on several projects with more on the horizon. Pyun, will be best remembered for  Sword and the Sorcerer (1982).  Cool Air tells the story of a struggling young writer who moves into an ancient mansion to write his great American screenplay. The other residents include a strange doctor, a somewhat eccentric lodger, and the autistic daughter of the landlady. This is the setting for the story. Having a heart attack sets off a chain of events that will keep your attention till the exciting climax of the film told as only HP Lovecraft can write a story.


While you might think that classical guitar solos mixed with sound effects and controlled chaotic noise consisting of science fiction noises, dissonant percussion, and wordless choir would make no sense it does come across very well in the film. While there seems to be no rhyme or reason to the music, I’m sure there is and it does keep you on the edge of your seat as you wonder what is going to come next.


Invasion (2007), a novel by Robin Cook who is another favorite author of mine, was adapted to film and features another score by Riparetti, this one guitar based with pulsating percussion to build the tension.


Overall the soundtrack is going to appeal to the people who like these types of lower budget films. I’m glad I listened to it and will look forward to more releases.





If you wish to read the story it is available on line for free along with other stories.


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