The Man in Half Moon Street/Rozsa

June 19, 2014



It is a fact that these days there are fewer releases of material from the 40’s and an absolute rarity that someone would reconstruct and re-release material but this is exactly the case with this latest release from Intrada of lesser known works of Miklos Rozsa (1907-1995). Long time film buff Allan Wilson conducts the Royal Scottish National Orchestra in a fine performance of selections of films Valley of the Kings (1954), The Man in Half Moon Street(1945), Jacare (1942), The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946) and Sahara (1943). Far from a movie expert I had never even heard of the film Jacare. And the other films I’ve seen them but never more than twice. Because of this review I took the time to watch The Man in Half Moon Street which is available for viewing free on the net. Of the scores that are represented on this CD it is by far my favorite. There is a basic theme, a good one, and it is used in several different ways such as dramatic, romantic, classical, and mysterious. It is a theme that is not unlike other films he did in that era such as Lost Weekend. For this score alone I can recommend this CD especially if you’re a fan of Rozsa.

Sahara has been released by RCA/BMG as well as Chandos. The Strange Love of Martha Ivers was released nearly two years ago and this is the recording to have of this material although it has sold out copies are still around if you look hard.

Valley of the Kings has an interesting spin in that Daniel Robbins reconstructed the concert version of this release which had been previously released by FSM in 2005. Part of the liner notes is an explanation of this came to be recorded by Robbins himself. I especially like the coda which Robbins wrote that is a wonderful flurry of the brass section.

Jacare was a documentary film featuring Frank Buck who was looking to capture and return animals to the US zoos. Even though it is a minor film it has a very decent theme which will be a welcome addition to your Rozsa collection if you’re a fan.

This release got my attention enough to order it from Intrada as they issue no review copies, at least to me. I’m not disappointed as I’ve acquired material that I previously didn’t own. Recommended.






Track listing

1. Overture (04:53)
Track 1: Valley of the Kings (1954)
2. Prelude and Ghostly Prologue (03:25)
3. Laboratory (04:20)
4. Transition I and Body Is Found (02:49)
5. Waltz (02:18)
6. Love Theme (03:00)
Piano: Mike Lang
7. Transformation (03:16)
8. Finale (02:12)
Tracks 2-8: The Man in Half Moon Street (1945)
9. Prelude (03:01)
Track 9: Jacaré (1942)
10. Prelude/Love Part 1/Love Part 2 (10:41)
Track 10: The Strange Love of Martha Ivers (1946)
11. Suite (07:18)
Track 11: Sahara (1943)

Total Duration: 00:47:13


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