April 24, 2014

As part of the celebration of the NATIONAL RECORD DAY APRIL 19, 2014 Aleph has released a 1000 limited edition vinyl recording of Bullitt available at your local vinyl source. The albums are hand numbered and definitely a collector’s item. Included is a download of the release so the collector can keep it unplayed. It is the former Aleph (#018) less 4 tracks that couldn’t be included on the LP because of space considerations. Those tracks are Song for Cathy, Room 26 record version, Bullitt for guitar, and Ice Pick Mike record version. The CD to have is the FSMCD Vol 12 #17 which includes both the record and the movie version.


Bullitt (1968), starring Steve McQueen, Robert Vaughn, and Jacqueline Bissett was a wildly popular film about a San Francisco police detective tracking down hit men who killed a protected witness. The Warner Brothers film directed by Peter Yates had an unusual twist in the plot making it even more interesting than just the famous Mustang/Charger chase sequence with Mr. Cool at the wheel.

I felt really old when I found out about this new release from Film Score Monthly, due to the fact that I had purchased the LP new 40 years ago! Being interested in structured jazz at the time I found this score especially appealing given the fact I was a fan of Bud Shank, who also performed on “Mission Impossible,” “I Want To Live,” “Endless Summer,” and “The Man With the Golden Arm,” just to name a few of the soundtracks he contributed to. Bud, who passed away this year at the age of 82, did the wonderful flute work on tracks I listened to over and over again until there was a very high level of surface noise on this LP. This was an album I would play to family and friends and they would actually comment that he didn’t always listen to weird music. It was a highly infectious jazz album with each track having a distinct style and melody. Other combo members were Howard Roberts, Larry Bunker, and Ray Brown all excellent jazz artists. In addition to the LP, Film Score Monthly has also included the original soundtrack, making some material available for the very first time. This release should not to be confused with the Aleph #018 release of 2000, a re-recording of material from the film by Schifrin, on his Aleph label. This release is the album recording and the film soundtrack.

The main title from Bullitt is a big band number making use of loud brass, fancy guitar work, and subtle strings. This theme is also referenced in the traveling music “On The Way To San Mateo” and the end title featuring the combo. “Room 26” features a nice flute solo along with the organ sound so popular during this era. “The Aftermath of Love” features a nice trombone solo and lush strings, all of the ingredients for a nice romantic number. “Cantana for Combo” again features Shank but this time with piano. “The First Snowfall,” written by Sonny Burke, does have lyrics by Webster but they don’t appear in the film. It is definitely not Schifrin sounding but really Percy Faith/elevator style material. “Shifting Gears,” the prelude to the car chase sequence features some great trombone work and percussion providing mounting tension for the ultimate race. While the soundtrack duplicates some of the material from the LP, it also offers several tracks not included such as “Ross,” “Just Coffee,” “Dr. Willard,” and others.

Even if you had little or no interest in soundtracks but enjoyed jazz, this release is right up your alley. There are some great big band and combo cues. Many enthusiasts to the hobby have already purchased prior releases and have concluded that this is a top 100 of all time. This release is limited to 3000 copies. Highly recommended and a must have in all collections.

Reissue produced by Lukas Kendall

CD# is FSM Vol. 12 No. 17

Digital Mastering by Doug Schwarz

Track listing

1. Bullitt (Main Title) (02:05)

2. Room “26” (02:24)

3. Hotel Daniels (02:50)

4. The Aftermath of Love (02:47)

5. Music to Interrogate By (02:48)

6. On the Way to San Mateo (02:38)

7. Ice Pick Mike (02:57)

8. A Song for Cathy (02:44)

9. Shifting Gears (03:14)

10. Cantata for Combo (03:03)

11. The First Snowfall (Paul Francis Webster & Sonny Burke (03:05)

12. Bullitt (End Title) (02:42)

Original Soundtrack Album (tracks 01-12)

Total Time: 34:00

13. Main Title (03:47)

14. Architect’s Building (01:28)

15. Cantata for Combo (03:03)

16. A Song for Cathy (02:02)

17. Hotel Daniels (Radio Source) (02:58)

18. Room 26 (Radio Source) (01:14)

19. The Aftermath of Love (Radio Source) (02:45)

20. Dr. Willard (00:54)

21. Ice Pick Mike (03:12)

22. Quiet Morning (02:33)

23. Music to Interrogate By (03:04)

24. Just Coffee (01:25)

25. Shifting Gears (03:15)

26. On the Way to San Mateo (01:24)

27. The First Snowfall (Webster & Burke) (03:27)

28. Ross (02:06)

29. Air Terminal—Main Lobby (02:32)

30. End Credits (00:31)

31. Bullitt (Demo) (03:06)

Film Soundtrack (tracks 13-31)

Total Time: 42:17

Total Duration: 01:18:03


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