Jeepers Creepers/Compilation of Horror Movie Hits

April 3, 2014

jeepers creepers

KR 20027-7 Kritzerland

Bruce Kimmel, owner of Kritzerland, has come up with the idea of using songs from horror movies and the result is fun, witty, and nothing I expected to hear when I spun the CD for the first time. As well as being interested in soundtracks I’m also interested in watching horror movies and hearing “ Hey You” from The Mummy’s Curse, and “Faro-La, Faro-Li” from Frankenstein Meets The Wolfman was an extremely pleasant surprise and most enjoyable. I’ve included this as an audio clip to tempt you. Always remember that the clips are low quality and not an indication of the true sound. This is selfish on my part as they save me a lot of space which helps out expenses. Bruce very likely used actors and actresses who have worked with him in his musicals he produces, directs, and sometime acts in them himself.
Beside the above mentioned I also enjoyed “Look For A Star” a pop hit that woefully seemed out of place in Circus of Horrors, a ‘B’ film that I wouldn’t waste my time on, is nicely sung by Guy Haines pretty true to the original. “Who Killed Teddy Bear” is nicely done with a Burt Bacharach “Walk on By” arrangement. Another song that was better than the movie was “You Gotta Have EEE-OOO” from the ‘B’ film Monster on Campus. The rock and roll number which is sung by Jason Graae has an infectious melody, some nice sax work that certainly recalls memories. The compilation also has “Eeny Meeny Miney Moe” from “I Was A Teenage Werewolf,” the Michael Landon forgettable film, and “Daddy Bird” from Frankenstein’s Daughter. After a 30 plus second blank spot we hear the “Mothra’s Song” this time with English words to end the 8 minute track. The previous track had some nice flute work and then the lyrics sung in Japanese.
This is not a soundtrack album but a easy listening CD that makes excellent background music to listen to as you’re working around the house or having people over for a gathering. The recording quality is fine and except for the bonus that is not shown it is one that monster fans will enjoy. In fact I’m getting out my DVD of Mummy’s Curse and having a listen to “Hey You.”

01. WHO KILLED TEDDY BEAR? (from “Who Killed Teddy Bear?”) – Tami Tappan-Damiano (3:52)
02. GOODY GOODY (from “What’s The Matter With Helen?”) – Lynnette Perry with special appearance by Zacherley (3:16)
03. LOOK FOR A STAR (from “Circus of Horrors”) – Guy Haines (2:59)
04. I’VE WRITTEN A LETTER TO DADDY / WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE? (from “What Ever Happened to Baby Jane?”) – Katherine Helmond and Remy Zaken (5:26)
05. THE FAITHFUL HEART (from “Journey to the Center of the Earth”) – Rebecca Luker (4:37)
06. HEY, YOU! (from “The Mummy’s Curse) / FARO-LA, FARO-LI (SONG OF THE NEW WINE) (3:39)(from “Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man”) – Judy Kaye and The Scarlettes
07. HUSH…HUSH, SWEET CHARLOTTE (from “Hush…Hush, Sweet Charlotte”) – Christiane Noll (3:35)
08. JEEPERS CREEPERS (from “Jeepers Creepers”) – Sharon McNight (3:48)
09. THE BLOB (from “The Blob”) – Alison Fraser (3:24)
10. AURORA (from “Hold That Ghost”) – Michelle Nicastro (3:07)
11. MOTHRA’S SONG (from “Mothra”) – Theresa Finamore and Juliana A. Hansen (6:32)
12. YOU’RE MY LIVING DOLL (from “Attack of the Puppet People”) – Susan Gordon (2:16)
13. STELLA BY STARLIGHT (from “The Uninvited”) – Brent Barrett (2:00)
14. WAS A TEENAGE HORROR MEDLEY: YOU GOTTA HAVE EEE-OOO (from “How to Make a Monster“) / EENY MEENY MINEY MOE (from “I Was a Teenage Werewolf“) DADDY BIRD (from “Frankenstein’s Daughter“) – Jason Graae (7:57)
Track time is 56:35


One Response to “Jeepers Creepers/Compilation of Horror Movie Hits”

  1. Joan Says:

    It’s a delightful folk song!

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