Recycling Lily/ Schweidler & Schneider

February 23, 2014



When a soundtrack immediately grabs your attention on the first listen, which was the case with “Recycling Lily,” I knew that it was only going to get better with subsequent spins and as I did I experience the entire gamut of emotions from teary eyed to smiling. This is what you’re in store for when you purchase this release.

For his directorial debut, Pierre Monnard came out with an offbeat love comedy about a compulsive obsessive recycling inspector who is trying to romance a waitress who is also into hoarding stuff big time, another compulsion completely opposite of his. The result is a hilarious comedy.

New to this reviewer is the composer combination of Schweidler and Schneider who have taken the main title “Nobody’s Perfect,” written by William White, a popsy upbeat theme, incorporated it into the soundtrack such as “Fat and Lonely” in a delicate piano solo with strings and key support from a harmonica. This is followed by piano and harmonica again but this time it is a jazz improvisational kind of sound from both instruments. “Almost Kissed” is a return to the main title again with softer piano and more prominence given to the strings.

Different orchestration and styles play a big part in this recording play a big part in this recording and you’ll never know what’s coming up next. “The Inspectors” definitely has the flavor of Goldsmith western with the hint of Morricone as the track has harmonica and whistling. If you were to pull this cue out of the soundtrack and play it on its own no one would think of this particular comedy situation. The supporting theme “Recycling Lily” is a swirling waltz with the strings offering dual melodies and is the clip I’ve chosen to we your appetite. One can see the dance floor filled with starry eyed dancers. The theme is repeated in “Happy World,” “On the Bike,” and “The End.” Along with “Nobody’s Perfect” this is an important part of the soundtrack. “Recycling Surf” takes you back to the sound of Dick Dale or the Ventures with its twangy guitars and strong presence of the percussion. “Lucky Burger” is from the same era only on the slow side with a female group repeating falling in love at the lucky burger over and over again. Sadness is the order of the day on “Emma Falling” with piano chords being backed by harmonica and strings. It performs a theme that is somewhat like “Recycling Lily” making it a variation of it in my opinion.

The forty minutes move by quickly and before you realize it it’s over and ready to play again. Sound recording is fine as digital is firmly entrenched in our way of doing films. Recommended

Track listing


Nobody’s Perfect (William White) (03:08)


Recycling Lily (01:55)


The Inspectors (02:10)


Happy World (02:25)


Burning Puppy (01:32)


On the Bike (02:20)


Fat and Lonely (01:37)


Cleaning Up Blues (01:27)


Almost Kissed (02:22)


Kissed (02:53)


Cleaning Up and The Crash (01:46)


Police Arriving (01:24)


Emma Falling (02:54)


Australia (02:00)


Running in the Woods (01:47)


Carrying Mom (02:24)


Showdown (01:11)


Coming Home (03:06)


The End (01:33)


Lucky Burger (00:55)


Recycling Surf (01:00)

Total Duration: 00:41:49

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