The Little Wizard/Barcello & Cordeiro

December 7, 2013



MMS 13017/KRONCD027

A very pleasant surprise was in store for me when I heard the new MSM/Kronos release of “The Little Wizard” composed by Marc Timon Barcello and Miguel Cordeiro for the Spanish animated film. Barcello and Cordeiro are new to this reviewer, offering a throwback score that is worthy of comparison to Horner, Silvestri, and Williams. This material is not the landscape music we’ve grown to accept lately.

The main theme immediately sets the mood as it begins with a fantasy statement from the orchestra which gives way to first the oboe and then the strings as the main melody unfolds being supported nicely by a wordless choir. This theme is the main focus of this soundtrack and you’ll hear it on several tracks sometimes prominent and sometimes hidden in the harmony or slightly changed as a variation. This wonderful theme was what attracted me to this score and I’m sure you’ll feel the same way. Barcello and Cordeiro are highly qualified in the art of orchestration and the feelings they create are strongly felt as you listen to this. Rimsky-Korsakov would be proud at the way this was orchestrated.

“The Wickedness of Bishop Juan” begins with a statement that sounds like Horner’s The Rocketeer but quickly returns to the main melody and begins a series of variations. Trumpets calling lead to a bassoon motif which segues into an oriental sounding passage. Still not done with the main theme it reappears in “Destreza: The Northern Girl” melody starting with a nice soft prelude before the oboe takes the main title melody. Sounding like a Rozsa epic such as Ben Hur “Auto-da-fe” offers a Latin chant blended with dramatic war like chords creating a powerful cue. The final track “The Little Wizard” is a return to the main theme featuring a solo violin playing the melody instead of the oboe. One could picture the slapstick comedy in “The Escape,” a humorous interlude. In “The Best Kept Secret” there is a new melody that begins with a wonderful exchange between the oboe, clarinet, and bassoon. Let’s say that the score is angelic, dynamic, witty, romantic, and dramatic.

Nicely recorded this is a score that I need to consider when the voting in the IFMCA begins. It is that good.

Track listing


The Little Wizard (Main Theme)


The Wickedness of Bishop Juan


Naughty Tricks


The Vikings Attack


Destreza: The Northern Girl


Snow Spell


The Adventures of Sorcerer Verdial


Kids Game


The Best Kept Secret


Vanesa: The Goose With the Green Scarf


The Escape


Sarah’s Poisoned Witchcraft




The Trap


The Final Battle


Dubidoso’s Mother


The Strength of the Goldfinches


The Little Wizard




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