Love Is All You Need/Soderqvist

June 24, 2013

Love Is All You Need


Winner of 29 awards for her films Susanne Bier directed this fluffy and light comedy starring Pierce Bronsan and Trine Dyrholm about a hairdresser who loses her hair to cancer, discovers her husband is having an affair, travels to Italy for her daughter’s wedding, and meets and falls in love with the groom’s father who had lost his wife and carried a chip on his shoulder. Filmed in Denmark this filmed turned out to be an international effort as other European countries also became involved.

To set the record straight the Beatles pop hit has absolutely nothing to do with the Johan Soderqvist score. There are no vocals. Soderqvist begins with the famous “Amore” song offering a guitar which provides the harmony for the mandolin, the guitar offering a bass line and the mandolin the upper register. The contrast between the two instruments is striking and the introduction of the accordion puts the Italian connection into the track. “The House” introduces the official main melody with a mandolin offering the melody and the harmony is provided by a clarinet and the strings.I’m including this track as an audio clip.  The House It is later picked up by a solo violin and accordion. Delicate and real easy on the ears to listen to, you’ll hear this again on other tracks. “Philips Breakfast” introduces yet another theme, a light and bouncy melody featuring the piano. “Moving In” is a South American theme with trumpets leading the way in this very danceable melody. “The Wig” has a Thomas Newman type sound in this touching track. It ends with a re-statement of the main melody. “Taxi” is a return to another danceable track this time without the brass but dominant on the percussion. “Ida’s Dance” begins with the theme from “Philip’s Breakfast” but mid track changes to a quiet romantic interlude. “Theme from Love is All You Need” is a delicate handling of the main theme with a simple line from the piano. “Family Matters-Opening” is a new melody with a solo violin, accordion, clarinet, and piano all contributing to the track. The track is from another film but really fits in nicely with the “Love Is All You Need” material “Family Matters-End Title” is a continuation of the other track offering the same melody lines and styles.

If you enjoy laid back easy to listen to music this score will definitely get your attention. In a day and age of louder is better this will take you back to George Duning and David Raksin. Available right now in the US as a download the CD is set for release on August 6th available from SAE and other dealers. I like the approach that Soderqvist takes and approve of the laid back style. Recommended.



Track Listing:

1… Amore (1:44)

2… The House (2:22)

3… Philip’s Breakfast (1:24)

4… Moving In (1:35)

5… The Wig (1:30)

6… Taxi (0:55)

7… First Night (2:18)

8… Ida’s Dance (2:06)

9… After the Speech (1:55)

10. Elisabeth (1:10)

11. Looking for Patrik (1:30)

12. No Wedding (2:38)

13. To Italy (2:18)

14. Mattress (0:38)

15. Theme from “Love is All You Need”

16. Family Matters-Opening (3:56)

17. Lily and Jan (2:40)

18. The Adoption (1:32)

19. Mother and Father (2:05)

20. Family Matters-The End (5:40)



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