Mama (2013)/Velasquez

March 2, 2013



Abandoned for five years in a shack in a desolate area Victoria and Lilly are found by their Uncle and returned to civilization. The question is were they really alone in that cabin? An excellent Guillermo del Toro film that deals with the spirits and supernatural it stars Jessica Chastain, Megan Charpentier, Isabelle Nelissa, and Nikolaj Coster-Waldu. Directed by Andres Muschietti, who also contributed to the screenplay, Fernando Velazquez produced a fine but somewhat complex score for the movie. He seemed to be right at home in the horror genre having done del Toro’s “Pan Labyrinth” in 2006.

According to the sparse liner notes written by director Andy Muschietti the goal of the score was to achieve total polar differences in the music. The living and the dead, the innocent and sinister, and the earthly and the unknown are all well represented in the soundtrack. “The Car and the Radio” (I’ve included this as an audio clip)mama begins the musical journey with a long continuous note from the lower register strings a prelude to the distorted harmonics of the strings. It continues with the idea adding a sense or running or urgency from the string section. “The Encounter and Main Title” continue the theme and then a change. The strings switch to a major key and there are children singing wordless in the background. “Helvetia” in its own way sums up some of the ideas of the soundtrack. The 7+ minute cue begins rather quiet and tranquil but not for long. Tremolos, from the strings, give off the warning that this music is going to be loud with loud bars of horns and the sound of a thunderstorm going on. If there is somewhat of a comforting cue “A New Home” fits the bill. While it is certainly not warm and fuzzy the strings show a bit of warmth and there is a flute line. Another quiet track is “Good Night” which offers a piano, solo violin, and cello playing against a layer of strings. “Mama Fight” slowly builds the tension and you just know that something bad is going to happen. If you like horror tracks this is a good one and not to be missed.

Velazquez did his homework on this one and gives us material that others are striving to achieve. Sound quality is top notch from the engineering and The Budapest Symphony Orchestra and Chorus. People that have already seen the movie have asked me if I was going to review material. Here it is there is no limited edition status and I recommend it.





Track listing


The Car and the Radio (01:33)


The Encounter and Main Title (02:52)


Helvetia (07:12)


A New Home (02:32)


What Happens Now? (02:46)


Voices From the Other Room (01:50)


Observation Room (05:39)


Victoria Come Mama (02:49)


The Painted Wall / The Doll (01:55)


Desange Folder (02:31)


Scare and Lucas Wake Up (03:53)


Wilson Pass (01:23)


Vic the Laptop Archive (02:26)


You Guys Talk a Lot (02:15)


Last Hypno (03:13)


Good Night (01:54)


Mama Fight (04:11)


Final Reel (13:12)

Total Duration: 01:04:06


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