Super Themes/Compilation of Film Composers

September 13, 2012

Part of Silva’s success has been their domination of the compilation. If a compilation can be made give Silva time and they will come up with one for you. I’m now anxiously awaiting the ultimate compilation which will be the very best of all of their compilation CD’s they’ve created over the last 20 years!


Set for release on September 18th this release in the US will be a digital only one available through the regular sources. It is available as a two CD set in Europe and perhaps down the road it will be available in the US. The thirty three tracks pretty much cover most of the super heroes and your favorite theme will be included among them. You’ll hear Spiderman, Superman, Thor, Batman, Supergirl, X-Men, Rocketeer, Wonder Woman, Hulk, and many others.


What you’ll hear are standard pop orchestra arrangements generic in sound and style but perfect for having on in the background while you’re relaxing. It won’t challenge your woofers and tweeters with wide dynamic range but the selections are adequately played.  Highlights for me include the original Batman theme for television written by Neal Hefti. Only Hefti could take a single word lyric and make it work.  You certainly can’t forget the words! The John Williams Superman heroic theme with trombones receiving a lot of attention (my instrument) nicely transitions into the “We Can Fly” love theme soft and delicate.  It always brings a tear to my eye. While the movie was hardly a favorite of mine I never grow tired of listening to the Goldsmith theme for The Shadow one of his better efforts in my opinion. The opening sounds Wagner like and it transitions into the main theme with three other motifs also being performed at the same time. This is a true orchestral work! Does it stand up to the original? Nope but it’s a pleasant listen. While I’ve never been a James Horner fan; the exception is the theme for The Rocketeer which tells his story very well. That opening with the delicate piano with harmony and background from the flute always gets my attention for one of the more beautiful openings to a super hero theme.


I can’t recommend this one to the hardcore collector but I can certainly recommend it to the casual listener or a person like myself who enjoys compilations.


Track Listing:

1. The Dark Knight Rises – Rise

2. The Dark Knight – The Watchful Guardian

3. Batman Begins – Molossus

4. Batman and Robin – Main Titles & Fanfare

5. Batman Returns – End Titles

6. Batman – Main Theme

7. Batman TV Theme

8. Avengers Assemble – The Avengers

9. Thor – Thor Kills the Destroyer

10. Captain America: The First Avenger – March

11. Iron Man – Driving With the Top Down

12. The Incredible Hulk TV Theme

13. Superman – Main Theme

14. Superman – Love Theme

15. Supergirl – Main Title & Argo City

16. Smallville – Save Me

17. The Amazing Spider-Man – Main Title – Young Peter

18. Spider-Man – Main Theme

19. Spider-Man – TV Theme

20. X-Men: First Class – Magneto

21. X2: X-Men United – X-Men United Suite

22. Kick-Ass – Strobe/Flying Home

23. Hancock – The Moon and the Superhero

24. Transformers – Autobots

25. Fantastic Four – Main Titles

26. Judge Dredd – Suite

27. The Shadow – Main Theme

28. The Rocketeer – To the Rescue/End Credits

29. Heroes-Intro/Claires Theme/Peters Theme/Mohinder’s Theme

30. Hercules – The Legendary Journeys TV Theme

31. Xena: The Warrior Princess TV Theme

32. Danger Mouse TV Theme


Performed by City of Prague Philharmonic and London Music Works

Digital Album SILED1391

Release Date is September 18th

33. Wonder Woman TV Theme


Performed by City Of Prague Philharmonic and London Music Works

Digital Album: SILED1391

Release date: September 18, 2012



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