Used Cars/Williams and Gold

September 11, 2012

Lately there seems to be a new trend in scores which is including the rejected soundtrack, in this case the Ernest Gold material as well as the Patrick Williams. I like the idea very much and I hope that it continues. In this case we have material that sounds like it came from the 80’s with Patrick Williams offering a funky Shaft style with electronic guitar and the brass riffs including a tuba he is so famous for if you’re familiar with his sound. Ernest Gold approach was using traditional march material with a sound that reminded you of the 50’s.

Produced by Spielberg and Milius, “Used Cars (1980),” is a comedy starring Kurt Russell, Jack Weston, Gerrit Graham, Frank McRae, and Deborah Harmon. It was filmed in Mesa Arizona at a real car lot (Darner Chrysler-Plymouth). Shelved by Universal Pictures it was picked up by Frank Price at Columbia and released.

The catchy main title first appears as a traditional march which brings back memories of my marching band days at the University of Minnesota. The theme is repeated in “Fishing” which I’ve included as a clip, fishing this time as a traditional sound with great harmony from the brass section. It also appears in a shorter march version, a twangy guitar and honky tonk piano, and a vocal sung by Bobby Bare with clever lyrics, a country western style that normally turns me off but this one I really like. It is something that I’ve already put on a compilation CD. Also included is a David Rose composition “Disco Stripper,” cleverly arranged by Patrick Williams.


The Ernest Gold material begins with “Stars and Stripes Forever,” a very familiar march I’ve played 100’s of times. Also included are two tracks featuring “Hail to the Chief.” My favorite melody from Gold appears in “Let’s Move Out” and really sounds completely out of place in a comedy. Now if it was the main theme to a Randolph Scott western with majestic photography I could easily believe it. It also appears in the “Used Car” end credits. It is highly recommended and I’ve included it as an audio clip. let’s move out Keep in mind that the clips are very low quality and don’t do justice to the much higher quality sound you’ll get on the CD.


While I can’t recommend the movie I can heartily endorse both the Williams and Gold takes on the film. They are such contrasting styles it is hard to imagine that both for this film. It is two very talented composers that offer 75 minutes of listening.

CD# is LLCD 1205


1.             USED CARS March (long) (outtake) (02:43)

2.             Fishing (outtake) (00:50)

3.             Mickey Arrives (00:35)

4.             Disco Stripper (03:02)

David Rose, arranged by Patrick Williams

5.             Western Time (04:22)

6.             Test Pattern (01:39)

7.             The Fight (03:43)

8.             Flame out (00:34)

9.             Move ‘Em Out / A Problem / Meeting Up (04:00)

10.           More Speed (02:59)

11.           The Final Spurt (03:40)

12.           Big Fly (00:28)

13.           USED CARS March (Short) (01:37)

14.           Used Cars (Instrumental) (outtake) (02:43)

15.           Used Cars (Vocal) (02:30)

Written by Patrick Williams and Norman Gimbel

Performed by Bobby Bare


16.           The Stars And Stripes Forever (01:36)

John Philip Sousa, arranged by Ernest Gold

17.           Mickey Arrives (outtake) (00:53)

18.           Eulogy (00:53)

19.           The Stars And Stripes March (02:33)

John Philip Sousa, arranged by Ernest Gold

20.           Circus Source (00:34)

21.           Disco Intro (outtake) (00:19)

22.           Hail To The Chief (01:30)

Adapted & arranged by Ernest Gold

23.           Western Bar Source (03:19)

24.           Mexican Guitar (01:39)

25.           Test Pattern (outtake) (01:39)

26.           The Fight (outtake) (04:11)

27.           Flame Out (outtake) (00:33)

28.           Hail To The Chief (00:36)

Adapted & arranged by Ernest Gold

29.           Tension / Fast Strings / Snares (outtake) (01:39)

30.           Let’s Move Out! / More Speed (outtake) (04:35)

31.           M104 (outtake) (03:24)

32.           M111 (outtake) (03:45)

33.           Car Counting / The Big Fly (outtake) (01:18)

34.           USED CARS End Credits (outtake) (03:33)

Tracks 1-15 – Original score by PATRICK WILLIAMS

Tracks 16-34 – Rejected score by ERNEST GOLD



Total Duration: 01:13:54




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