Lawrence of Arabia (the complete score)/Jarre

August 16, 2012


With 71 different recordings to choose from why would you want this one? Perhaps you didn’t obtain the Tadlow 012 release from 2010 which was a European release but is the same material as this new Silva recording with the addition of an additional compilation CD of Jarre material. This Silva release in recognition of the 50th anniversary of the film is advertised as a world premiere recording of the complete score with the key word being world. It offers nearly 77 minutes of score as opposed to the Colpix release which only offers 32+ minutes. The re-recording by Tony Bremner for Silva in 1992 is still lacking at 51 minutes.

The controversy in this academy award winning release, the first of three Oscars (Passage to India and Dr. Zhivago the other two) for Maurice Jarre (1924-2009) along with 6 other nominations including Ghost, Ryan’s Daughter, Witness, Gorillas in the Mist, The Message, Sundays and Cybele, and The Life and Times of Judge Roy Beanis who wrote what according to Gerard Schurmann orchestrator for the score. While Frank DeWald in his liner notes says that Jarre wasn’t a novice composer Schurmann claims that other than the percussion parts the work that Jarre turned over to Gerard was at best inadequate. I’ve included a link to an article that Schurmann wrote about his experience in the Lawrence of Arabia score.

While some people will find some of the above interesting reading as to who did what the fact remains that the score introduced Jarre to Hollywood and the music is an Oscar winner. I’ve always thought that theme from Born Free (John Barry) had a similar sound and style. The timpani begins the “Overture” with several bars quite loud and distinct introducing the brass who offer dissonant chords with sounds of the middle east another prelude to the main theme offered by the strings with the timpani providing the same bars. The theme shifts to one of the Middle East. The “Main Title” is a combination of another theme in a style that you’ll recognize in other soundtracks written by Jarre. I could hear a strong reference to Grand Prix as an example. I’ve included an audio clip of the “Main Title”02 – main titles to introduce the listener to two of the themes along with the general flavor of the material. Please keep in mind that this is a very low quality clip compared to finely engineered recording from the veteran Gareth Williams. “Lawrence Rides Alone/Exodus” is the first track where the main theme isn’t used and we hear the use of the Odnes Martenot (pre synthesizer but a similar sound). I’ve included part of the “Exodus” track so that you might hear the effective use of this instrument.05 – exodus Effective use of the Kenneth Alford march theme “The Voices of the Guns” is used in track 14,”Military March,” and “The End.” Also listen for the use of the Cithare in the last track as it enhances the track.

If you missed the Tadlow recording now is your opportunity to take advantage of this fine recording. You won’t be disappointed!

Track listing
1. Overture (04:23)
2. Main Titles (01:56)
3. First Entrance to the Desert (04:25)
4. Night and Stars / Lawrence and Tafas (05:43)
5. Lawrence Rides Alone / Exodus (03:13)
6. We Need a Miracle (02:40)
7. In Whose Name Do You Ride?/ That is the Desert (The Camels Will Die) (05:10)
8. Mirage / The Sun’s Anvil (05:19)
9. Gasim Lost in the Desert (03:29)
10. Lawrence Rescues Gasim / Lawrence Returns with Gasim / The Riding (06:37)
11. Arrival at Auda’s Camp (02:00)
12. Bedouin Feast /On to Akaba / Attack on Akaba / Lawrence at the Sea Shore (06:37)
13. Sinai Desert / After Quicksands / Hutments / Suez Canal (06:16)
14. A Brilliant Bit of Soldiering – The Voice of the Guns (02:05) Kenneth J. Alford
15. Bugle Call / Lawrence on the Terrace / Intermission (01:34)
16. Adulation / The Horse Stampede / Faraj Killed (03:43)
17. Ali Rescues Lawrence / Allenby’s Flattery (03:11)
18. Assembled Army / Lawrence and His Bodyguard / Arab Theme (03:06)
19. Military March (01:18)
20. The End / Play-off Music (04:01)

Total Duration: 01:16:46


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