I Married A Monster From Outer Space/Compilation of Composers

June 30, 2012

If at all possible I try to see the film before I review the soundtrack. As a reviewer this definitely helps me to better understand the material that I’m talking about. Such was the case with the current Kritzerland offering “I Married A Monster From Outer Space” starring Gloria Talbott, Tom Tryon, and Ken Lynch. The low budget sci-fi thriller from Paramount ($175,000) was really an ‘A’ budget compared to Monogram and PRC and this reviewer had no problem at all with most of the special effects. The story line has some similar ideas to “Invasion of the Body Snatcher” with aliens taking over humans bodies. If Paramount had chosen a less lurid title, as it seemed to be marketed at the drive-in market, it might have gotten a little more serious attention.


The soundtrack to which no credit is given because of the strike is really unique as it brings together cues from many composers. I’ll guarantee you’ll never find Victor Young’s “Shane” and Aaron Copland’s “The Heiress” material in the same film again! Bruce Kimmel took the time and effort to list all of the re-recorded material and the film where it originally came from. Composers include Van Cleave, Young, Webb, Livingston and David, Friedhofer, Scharf, Salter, Waxman, Weston, Copland, Shuken and Cutner, Stevens, Amfitheatrof, and Murray. Whoever put this together should have been given an Oscar for a job well done on a patchwork quilt of themes that certainly work well in the film. There are 24 films representing quite a compilation.


The opening theme plays against the universe as a planet moves closer and closer. The brass is the dominate sound as they play an extended fanfare also providing their own harmony and setting the stage for what you’re about to see. Red Cross Juke Box #3, Never Before, and Honeymoon Eve are all tracks that can be classified as danceable sweet band tracks that are source music for the film. Transformation of Schulz is classic sounding Salter that could have come from one of his monster movies.  Juke Box from Paul Weston is a big band arrangement that features a nice trumpet solo backed by a very active trombone section. This is a nice track of swinging jive! Fight With Monsters will remind you of the typical sci-fi sound of the 50’s with swirling strings and urgent dissonant brass dominating the track. To Know Love/Finale offers a combination of soft romance, urgency, dissonant brass statements, and a concluding coda to end the soundtrack.


This is a mono 50’s sounding recording which is limited to 1000 copies and overall it is clean and listenable with only a couple of spots where there is wow and flutter. It is certainly nothing to discourage anyone from buying it. The other half of the release “Atomic City,” composed by Leith Stevens will be discussed in its own review.


Track Listing:


Paramount Seal / Firmament Music / Prelude (01:41)
Nathan Van Cleave; Victor Young


Red Cross Juke Box #3 (01:15)
Victor Young


The First Victim / Watched (01:08)
Victor Young; Roy Webb


Never Before (03:18)
Ray Livingston and Mack David


Monster’s Image / The Letter (00:55)
Victor Young


Honeymoon Eve (01:15)
Victor Young


Transformation Of Schultz / Marge Trails Bill / Marge Watches Transformation (03:28)
Hans Salter; Roy Webb; Hugo Friedhofer; Victor Young; Franz Waxman


Marge’s Return (01:59)
Hugo Friedhofer


Tell Her / The Intruder (01:02)
Franz Waxman; Victor Young


Juke Box (02:33)
Paul Weston


He’s Dead / Marge’s Misgivings / Marge’s Frustrations (02:03)
Aaron Copland; Victor Young


Human Men (02:16)
Franz Waxman; Victor Young


Search For Space Ship (01:47)
Leo Shuken And Sidney Cutner; Franz Waxman


Fight With Monsters (02:46)
Victor Young; Leith Stevens


Back To Life / Captain Collins Dies (02:00)
Daniel Amfitheatrof; Victor Young; Leith Stevens; Aaron Copland


To Know Love / Finale (01:54)
Hugo Friedhofer; Walter Scharf; Franz Waxman; Victor Young




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