Sherlock Season Two/Arnold and Price

May 9, 2012

I like the fact that Hartswood Films is limiting the number of episodes to three per season. You don’t grow tired of the main characters and I for one am already looking forward to season three! This isn’t the Holmes your use to seeing at all but a modern day creation that is more in the style of a Batman/Harry Potter character. He doesn’t smoke a pipe and is a young dashing figure who will win your heart over after watching one episode.

“Irene’s Theme” starts off the new season with a wonderful solo on the violin that is far too short. It is a new theme to the series that hopefully will continue to be used in some way. A haunting melody you won’t forget. “Potential Clients” offers a very subtle variation on the main theme but you have to listen carefully for it as it is masked with Latin percussion and mandolin dominating much of the track. “Status Symbols” begins with a lush romantic moment followed by the Sherlock theme which turns into a pulsating version quite the modern sound. “The Woman” is rather quiet underscore. “Dark Times” makes strong use of the synthesizer electronics as does “Smoke Alarm” which is backed by frantic strings. “SHERlocked” the final scandal cue is a yearning one which builds to a climax followed by delicate harp and piano in a quiet section. It builds to a second climax and quietly ends with the violin theme in the background. “Pursued by a Hound” is the first cue of the Hounds of Baskervilles and is appropriate music for a chase sequence. “The Village” more underscore offers a creepy soundtrack with dissonant synthesizer. “Double Room” offers another dose of quirky underscore with the composers making subtle references to the Sherlock theme. “Deeper into Baskerville” uses special effects, and features unusual sounds with the Sherlock theme in the background. “To Dartmoor” offers a subdued version of the main theme and quickly changes to reference the Sherlock theme before turning into a tension filled track performed by the urgent strings. “The Lab” fills the ears with a steady pulsating from the strings that turns into the piano referencing the main title. The dissonance becomes quite apparent and the tension mounts to a conclusion. “Mind Palace and Solution” the final Baskerville cue builds to a climax and slowly dies away. “Grimm Fairy Tales” the first of five tracks for the third and final episode of season two Reichenbach Fall is a tense one with references to the Sherlock theme but overall quiet and creepy with interesting use of the mandolin. “Prepared to do Anything” is classic tense underscore with references to the main theme and urgent strings that build to an incredible crescendo. “Blood on the Payment” is underscore for the supposed death of Sherlock Holmes and is morbid solemn underscore. “One More Miracle” is the final cue on the CD and offers the piano playing the main theme with sad strings in the background. It ends with an upbeat offering of the Sherlock theme and we can now wait for season no. 3 to unfold.

This release from Silva is a positive addition to the material previously released on their release. Definitely a step above much of the material offered for television.

Track listing:

1. Irene’s Theme (00:42)

2. Potential Clients (01:57)

3. Status Symbols (02:33)

4. The Woman (02:31)

5. Dark Times (02:16)

6. Smoke Alarm (03:01)

7. SHERlocked (03:44)

8. Pursued By A Hound (01:46)

9. The Village (02:30)

10. Double Room (02:21)

11. Deeper Into Baskerville (02:44)

12. To Dartmoor (03:11)

13. The Lab (03:40)

14. Mind Palace And Solution (02:05)

15. Grimm Fairy Tales (03:12)

16. Deduction And Deception (02:45)

17. Prepared To Do Anything (04:18)

18. Blood On The Pavement (02:07)

19. One More Miracle (02:08)

Total Duration: 00:49:31

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