Golden Age of Hollywood 2/Compilation of Film Composers

February 29, 2012

Continuing in the series, part one was previously reviewed with link above, of Here Come The Classics the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Jose Serebrier offers part two of The Golden Age of Hollywood with fifteen more selections of material from the 30’s thru the 70’s. Composers include Herrmann (5), Steiner (1), Korngold (1), Bernstein (1), Rozsa (1), Waxman (2), Tiomkin (1), and Rota (3). The films include Vertigo, North by Northwest, Caine Mutiny, Citizen Kane, The Adventures of Robin Hood, To Kill A Mockingbird, The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes, Sunset Boulevard, A Place In The Sun, Dial M for Murder, and The Godfather. The soundtrack collector is not the target market for this release as they likely own not only the original soundtrack material but reconstructed scores from several already. This is meant for the casual listener who enjoys thematic music material but is interested in highlights to the films not a complete CD.


While several of the selections have been recorded on numerous best of compilations producer Anna Barry also selected the main title from Caine Mutiny a rousing patriotic march written in the tradition of Sousa and sure to arouse the spirit in you! Steiner’s orchestration was certainly busy filled with harmony and counterpoint. The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes score is the Rozsa violin concerto originally written in 1953 for Heifetz. The second movement performed on this recording by Clio Gould is a romantic with a melody you’ll not forget quickly. It is a Hungarian gypsy flavored solo with tones of what Tchaikovsky might have done. For those interested there is a complete recording available on Naxos 8.570350 that stands up.  quite well to the Heifetz recording which is alas a mono historical one now? Tiomkin’s Dial M for Murder, not one of his popular numbers, but a good entry in the compilation. The opening bars immediately identify his sound with brass dissonant chords before it quickly leads into a happy melodic waltz that conjures up all sorts of good times. The second section is one of tension and yearning before it concludes with the original melody. Another interesting selection is the “Sicilian Pastorale” which first offers a solo melody from the bassoon and concludes with flutes continuing the melody. Very classical in nature it reminded me of Respighi.


The orchestra, conductor, and engineer have a very nice feel for the music they chose. It is well played and recorded and would be a welcome introduction to the golden age of film.

Track Listing:

1… Vertigo “Prelude” (2:57)

2… Vertigo “Nightmare” (2:11)

3… Vertigo “Scene d’Amour” (5:44)

4… North by Northwest “Overture” (3:24)

5… The Caine Mutiny “March” (2:22)

6… Citizen Kane “Prelude & Finale” (4:59)

7… The Adventures of Robin Hood “ The Fight, Victory, & Epilogue” (4:55)

8… To Kill a Mockingbird “Suite”

9… The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes “Violin Concerto (Second Movement) (10:41)

10… Sunset Boulevard “Suite” (7:57)

11… A Place in the Sun “Suite” (8:31)

12… Dial M for Murder “Theme” (4:34)

13… The Godfather “Sicilian Pastorale” (1:32)

14… The Godfather “Michael and Kay” (2:35)

15… The Godfather “Love Theme” (3:12)

Total Time is 73:38


CD# is Royal Philharmonic Orchestra 022





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