Invasion U.S.A./Glasser

February 24, 2012

Would you invest $127,000 to make back a million? Business wise this is exactly what this film did making it a huge success. The 1952 thriller starred Dan O’Herlihy, Gerald Mohr, and Peggy Castle and dealt with the enemy (Russia but not said), attacking the US.

Albert Glasser definitely approached this score as one of being military, patriotic, and included in the mix is a love melody written for Vince and Carla. I’m sure he had a very small orchestra to work with and the challenge is to make it sound much larger than it actually is something he was very good at. Highlights of the score include Main Titles a military style patriotic march which offers a melody from the horns and some dissonance backed by snare drum. The track ends with Big City Bar, a very brief Gershwin style orchestration as a Manhattan lounge is the first scene for the film. Vince meets Carla is the love theme of the picture played by a solo violin with harp backing it up. The theme also appears in Be Prepared (Audio Clip Included), You’re My Woman Now, I Want You, Vince Gives Blood, and Love And War. The Enemy is Here a military alert cue introduces a new theme that is filled with dissonance from the brass. The President Speaks in the short span of a minute makes references to “Wild Blue Yonder,” “Glory Glory Hallelujah,” and “America the Beautiful” in a very patriotic track. Dam Attack begins with urgency from the strings as “Anchors Aweigh” is referenced. The brass offer a military attack while the snare drum gets a workout and the track just winds down to nothing. Washington/On The Defense offers hints of “Wild Blue Yonder,” and “America the Beautiful” in a somewhat distorted fashion.

You must keep in mind that this was a ‘B’ movie mono soundtrack that while cleaned up quite nicely will not approach the full sound of a stereo or digital recording. This is an archival soundtrack that is a fine representation of Glasser and coupled with Tormented a welcome addition to your collection.

Track Listing:

1… Main Titles/Big City Bar (1:41)

2… Vince Meets Carla (0:57)

3… Mr. Ohman/Hypnotic Brandy/Bad News (1:46)

4… The Enemy is Here! (2:18)

5… Washington/On The Defense (1:03)

6… The President Speaks (1:00)

7… It Can’t Be Happening/Love and War (1:36)

8… Vince Gives Blood (1:17)

9… Dam Attack (2:23)

10… Watery Death (1:31)

11… I Want You/Red Alert (2:15)

12… A-Bombs Over New York (1:20)

13… Fighting Back (1:21)

14… Carla and Vince Captured/You’re My Woman Now (2:24)

15… Be Prepared (0:48)  15 – AUDIO CLIP

Total Time is 28:42


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