Dr. Phibes Rises Again/Gale

December 29, 2011






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The trivia part of the film, along with how the soundtrack came to the market is an interesting story in itself. Caroline Munro, from the Spy Who Loved Me, played a small part where she was given no credit. Peter Cushing was in the film for all of two minutes. Vincent Price sang “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” at the end of the film but it never made the final edit. It is included on this release on track 25. And to answer a question in advance his voice is terrible but just adds to the fun of the film. This was the release that started Perseverance in the business nearly 10 years ago. The soundtrack was saved from the dumpster by Wembly sound engineer Dick Lewzey when Wembly closed their doors in June of 2000. It is the only credited score to John Gale (has a successful consulting music business) in soundtrack collector, our huge database of releases. The film budget was only $75,000 dollars.
The “Main Title” is a somewhat modern sounding theme with a choral background sung in Latin. A brass chord opens the track with tremolo from the strings. With the overall flavor of the track being somewhat religious in nature. “Vulnavia’s Theme” is a very spiritual offering on organ and wordless female voice. It ends however with a bit of easy listening jazz. “Is It Safe” offers a bit of tension in a simple motif of five notes. It is repeated in “Biederbeck Prepares To Leave London.” “Dance On The High Seas” begins with a clarinet solo which turns into a danceable version of “You Stepped Out Of A Dream” (Brown and Kahn) complete with some very nice bass trombone work. “Remembering Victoria” is a short Bach “Toccata and Fugue.” “Cabin Fever” is sweet elevator music. “To Egypt” is Spanish guitar which could remind you of a track from a western film. “Into The Catacombs” is a brass fanfare featuring horns and trumpets. “Unveil The Band” offers a very brief clarinet solo with a small jazz ensemble in the background. “Decorating the Tomb” is the Vulnavina theme in a modern sounding arrangement. “Shavers’ Descent/The Eagles’s Caress” is underscore which offers vibraphone and clarinet, a brass fanfare, then some staccato brass somewhat dissonant and urgent. “Did You Have A Good Dinner” is a brass statement that turns in a dreamy sequence with harp and strings. “The Sarcophagus Yields Its Secrets” is a Latin chant with only a Chinese gong from the orchestra. “Diana Finds The Skull” makes a brief reference to Beethoven’s Fifth. “Phibes Remasked” is a brief Doc Severinsen like trumpet solo big band style. “Preparing Victoria” is another Latin religious cue. “Baker’s Bad Night” makes a brief reference to the “Main Title,” taps, and becomes a tension mounting cue with some swirling strings and a bit of growl from the brass. “Phibes Recovers The Sarcophagus” includes the Vulnavina theme along with a very sad melancholy theme. “Diana’s Rigged” (Director Robert Fuest did episodes of the Avengers) is the longest track at seven minutes and references the sarcophagus theme from the previous track. The cue is primarily a series of different types of underscore. We conclude the score with the vocal version of Rainbow, three very short unused cues and an instrumental version of Rainbow featuring the brass who offers the melody. Strings and choir finish the Broadway type arrangement.
Sound quality is good for a 1972 release. If there is any drawback to this CD it is twelve tracks under 60 seconds on the 45 minute soundtrack. It is nice to have all of the available music but they sometimes end abruptly and are not complete. However, it is easy enough to re-program and put them all together at the beginning or end if you’re not interested in the material being in order. Don’t expect to hear your usual horror score but a very pleasant and varied musical style soundtrack from John Gale. Take advantage of this promo and enjoy it before it sells out which I’m sure it will. There are only 300 copies remaining of the 3000 limited edition pressing. As soon as I know you’ll know so check back often. Recommended.
Track listing
1. Main Title (02:13)
2. Vulnavia’s Theme (02:10)
3. Is It Safe? (00:48)
4. Variations On A Car Exit (01:24)
5. Biederbeck Prepares To Leave London (00:58)
6. Snakes! (00:37)
7. Dance On The High Seas (01:23)
8. Remembering Victoria (00:35)
9. The Elixir Of Life (00:45)
10. Cabin Fever (01:12)
11. To Egypt (01:13)
12. Into The Catacombs (02:20)
13. Unveil The Band (00:42)
14. Decorating The Tomb (00:42)
15. Shavers’ Descent/The Eagles’s Caress (03:02)
16. “Did You Have A Good Dinner?” (01:49)
17. The Sarcophagus Yields Its Secrets (01:06)
18. Diana Finds The Skull (00:58)
19. Phibes Remasked (00:33)
20. Preparing Victoria (03:25)
21. “If Music Be The Food Of Love.. Play On.” (00:20)
22. Baker’s Bad Night (02:25)
23. Phibes Recovers The Sarcophagus (03:28)
24. Diana’s Rigged (07:05)
25. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (Vocal Version) (01:46)
26. Not Used In Film (00:14)
27. Not Used In Film (00:25)
28. Not Used In Film (00:22)
29. Somewhere Over The Rainbow (01:44)
Total Duration: 00:45:44

One Response to “Dr. Phibes Rises Again/Gale”

  1. Goblinscore Says:

    Cool to do this, and a bit odd – I JUST got this dvd a few weeks ago, and replayed the score along with it. Terrific gothic business, a really fantastic score and the album has some pretty candid notes, which are refreshing.

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