Music From the Twilight Saga For Chamber Orchestra

December 16, 2011

Chamber music was a style of music that came from the middle ages being performed to royalty in private chambers. Over a period of time we’ve seen the evolution of this style of music to include many different combinations of instruments including a trio for cello, piano, and violin, the instruments chosen for this recording along with the voice of Kristi Holden. BSX offers this new release of material from the Twilight series of three films which certainly lends itself to this kind of chamber genre quite nicely. The composers Burwell, Desplat, and Shore certainly fit into this kind of style with the scores they wrote for the films. The term chamber orchestra is quite broad and includes duets, trios, quartets, quintets, and all the way up to and including a 40 piece orchestra. BSX Records is not new to this style of music having released material from Gregg Nestor, Christopher Young, and Bear McCreary in a similar classical chamber type setting.

The first 8 tracks of the CD are from the original Twilight and are arranged for duet of piano and violin. They nicely complement one another and it easy to hear that they’ve played together for a period of time. There is a brief introduction and the recognizable melody is first introduced on the piano and eventually both violin and piano join together. This theme is offered throughout the 8 tracks. “I Would Be The Meal” is an attractive underscore cue with string plucking from the violin to enhance the simple melody. The Twilight Saga: New Moon offers the Desplat theme “New Moon” first as a duo in “The Meadow,” and then the addition of the cello in “New Moon.” “Volturi Waltz” reminded me of the Saint Saen piece “Dance Macabre” with its violin solo nicely complemented by the cello and piano with just a hint of rhythm. I could very easily hear this melody with additional instrumentation in an extended version. “You’re Alive/Memories of Edward is a repeat of the theme with the addition of Kristi Holden and harp samples. The Twilight Saga: Eclipse the third film of the trilogy offers a new theme “Jacob’s Theme” from Howard Shore. It fits in nicely with the other two melodies as it offers a yearning melody that is nicely arranged for the trio. The four members of the ensemble seem to enjoy performing together and it is quite evident. . The final track, a bonus one, arranged by Joohyun Park, is very much a part of the modern electronic age as she offers the Burwell theme “Bella’s Lullaby (How Bella Got Her Groove Back).” This track is more enhanced with samples than any of the previous ones.

The arranging of the material by pianist of the release Dan Redfield does contain some sample percussion and harp to enhance the orchestration on some tracks. Overall I can say that the electronics provide a minimum amount of intrusion for the diehard chamber purist. It is done with good taste and becomes an important enhancement of the material. As previously stated the Park arrangement is quite different from the previous 19.

I wish I could say that this CD is for everyone but in reality it is for fans of the film series and chamber music listeners. I wish more people would embrace the idea of this type of arrangement/ recording as explained by Redfield in the liner notes. Give it a try and you might be pleasantly surprised.

BSXCD 8900 CD#

Track Listing:


1… Bella’s Lullaby (2:21)

2… Phascination Phase (2:00)

3… I Dreamt of Edward (1:09)

4… The Lion Fell in Love With The Lamb (3:20)

5… I Would Be The Meal (1:25)

6… Stuck Here Like Mom (1:42)

7… In Place Of Someone You Love (1:14)

8… Dinner With The Family/Edward At Her Bed (1:49)


9… The Meadow : Theme from The Twilight Saga: New Moon (4:30)

10… New Moon (3:24)

11… I Need You (1:43)

12…Volturi Waltz (2:57)

13… You’re Alive/Memories of Edward (4:29)

14… Adrenaline (3:11)

15… Marry Me Bella (4:00)

16… Full Moon (3:22)


17… Jacob’s Theme- Instrumental (2:37)

18… Wedding Plans (3:08)

19… Finale (Jacob’s Theme Reprise) (2:39)


20… Bella’s Lullaby (How Bella Got Her Groove Back) (3:51)

Total Time is 55:26

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